Many people have been streaming on platforms like Twitch and earning a lot of money. Be it the subscribers, recognition, or the money; the Twitch streamers have been earning a lot. Although Twitch streamers have to be consistent in streaming, they should have the gaming skills for perfect gameplay. Many streamers are gamers who are either professionals or hobbyists. One of the most played games on Twitch is Counter-Strike Global Offensive. There are a lot of great streamers and even professional players streaming the Counter Strike Global Offensive gameplay. 

One of the popular streamers was MissQGemini. She was one of the versatile players and known for her crisp aim in the game. But, there was some serious scandal, which led to the suspension of her account, and she stopped streaming. Although she is still in the limelight for the scandal, many memes are floating with MissQGemini in the CSGO community. If you are wondering What happened to Twitch streamer MissQGemini, then you are at the right place. In this post, we will share detailed information on what happened to Twitch Streamer MissQGemini and What happened in the first place so that she became the centre of a controversy. 

Controversy with MissQGemini and Her Streams

MissQGemini used to stream Counter Strike Global Offensive gameplay on her twitch channel. With the exceptional gameplay and interesting commentary, she started gaining subscribers. When streaming one day, the cheating assistant started showing to the users, which confirmed that she was cheating in the game to get an unfair advantage. The settings in the cheating program helped her to keep the Visual assistance from streaming. But the issues with the cheating program exposed the same to Twitch viewers. When she understood that the Twitch Viewers saw her Cheating assistant program, she started the rebuttal on her friend “Clara.” She said that Clara has started using her computer and left the Cheating program ON, and that’s why the users are seeing it. 

After this stream, the entire CSGO community was baffled by the exposure of MissQGemini. Everyone started bashing her, and she stopped streaming on Twitch. After some time, she said she was being targeted because she is a woman and used the Feminism card. But, the time was gone for repairing her image, and her viewers stopped watching the stream. Not just that, Twitch banned her from Streaming on their platform for the foreseeable future. 

MissQGemini Banned? 

Yes. MissQGemini was banned from Twitch and also received the VAC ban on her steam account. Game Developer Valve has provided her with the VAC Ban, which restricts her from playing any CSGO match on her account. This ultimately ended her career as a professional CSGO Streamer. On her Twitter account, MQG claimed that she only received VAC Ban and not the Twitch ban. But, she closed her Twitch account and made her Twitter account private, which had only fifty followers at that time. After that, she started a new CSGO account and Twitch account and played under a different username. The entire thing happened within the seven days of the controversy. 

New Twitch Account

According to the users of Twitch, MQG started a new Twitch account and transferred all of her old subscribers and videos onto the new channel. With the migration to the new account, she planned to start streaming with the new account. But unfortunately, Twitch prohibited her from streaming for one or two days. After that, she altogether stopped streaming, and only her old videos were available to stream on the platform. 

Her Online Presence 

MissQGemini might have disappeared from the Twitch and CSGO scene, but she is not that hard to find on the internet. She has a YouTube channel, which has almost all of her videos playing the games. The channel is not updated with the new content as MQG has stopped streaming the gameplay altogether. So, the viewers can watch all of her old videos, which are her cheating, but without the users seeing her visual aid or ESP program. 

MissQGemini’s Next Move 

Usually, the people facing such controversies often have to apologize and move forward. MQG or Haley Germaine didn’t do anything and even blamed her friend and society for this controversy. Due to this attitude, the viewers and CSGO community got enraged and stopped giving attention to her. Many CSGO players have been accused of cheating in the past but apologized and started playing clean. Without her providing any apology, she has been outcasted from the community, and she has not returned to streaming again. 

Final Words 

It’s quite okay to ride the bandwagon and become popular in the short term. Even taking assistance from others is considered a good practice to gain popularity and become a great streamer. But with the help of the Cheating program, she broke the moral codes, broke the Twitch terms and conditions, and even violated Valve’s Anti-cheat guideline, just to get the best in the game and get famous. 

Well, the entire thing backfired pretty badly, and everyone had to abandon and bash her for these bad actions. The worst thing is that she has not even apologized once for her action. Otherwise, there was a chance for her to come back into the game streaming industry and get the attention she deserves by playing clean.