how to get rid of eggs in pokemon go

Pokemon Go, the popular augmented reality mobile game, offers a thrilling experience to players who venture into the real world to catch virtual creatures known as Pokemon. Among the exciting features in the game are Pokemon Eggs, mysterious items that hold the potential to hatch into various Pokemon species. However, managing these eggs can become challenging when your inventory is full, and you need to make space for new ones. In this guide, we will explore effective strategies on how to get rid of eggs in Pokemon Go, allowing you to maximize your egg-hatching endeavors and make the most of the game.

Understanding Pokemon Go Eggs

What are Pokemon Go Eggs?

Pokemon Go Eggs are special items that players can collect from PokeStops or receive as gifts from friends. These eggs hold the promise of hatching into different Pokemon species, ranging from common to rare and even regional variants.

Different Types of Eggs

In Pokemon Go, there are three main types of eggs: 2km, 5km, and 10km. Each type has its unique set of Pokemon that can hatch from them. The longer the distance required to hatch the egg, the rarer the potential Pokemon.

Hatching Pokemon Eggs

Obtaining Eggs

To obtain Pokemon Go Eggs, you need to visit PokeStops and spin their Photo Discs. As you do so, there’s a chance that an egg will drop into your egg inventory. Additionally, you can receive eggs from friends who send you gifts.

Egg Hatching Mechanism

Once you have collected an egg, it will be placed in your egg incubator. To hatch the egg, you must walk the required distance while the egg is in the incubator. The game uses your phone’s GPS to track your movements accurately.

Hatching Distances

Different eggs have varying hatching distances. 2km eggs usually hatch after walking 2 kilometers, 5km eggs after 5 kilometers, and 10km eggs after 10 kilometers.

Managing Egg Inventory

Discarding Eggs

At times, you might find yourself with a full egg inventory, leaving no room for new eggs. Unfortunately, there’s no direct way to discard eggs in the game. However, you can prioritize hatching certain eggs to make space for new ones.

Prioritizing Egg Hatching

To create space in your egg inventory, prioritize hatching eggs that require shorter distances. By doing this, you can clear them faster, allowing you to collect new eggs sooner.

Strategies to Get Rid of Eggs

Hatching Eggs Efficiently

Walking to hatch eggs can be time-consuming. To speed up the process, consider exploring areas with multiple PokeStops or taking advantage of Pokemon Go events that offer bonuses to egg hatching.

Using Incubators Wisely

Invest in additional incubators to hatch multiple eggs simultaneously. Using more incubators allows you to work on hatching various eggs concurrently, reducing the time needed to clear your inventory.

Adventure Sync Feature

Enable Adventure Sync to track your walking distance even when the app is closed. This feature allows you to make progress toward hatching eggs without actively playing the game.

Benefits of Clearing Eggs

Obtaining Rare Pokemon

By regularly hatching eggs, you increase your chances of obtaining rare and powerful Pokemon that are not commonly found in the wild.

Gaining Experience and Rewards

Hatching eggs rewards players with experience points, Stardust, and sometimes special items, making it a valuable aspect of the game.

Egg-Related Events and Bonuses

Participate in special events that offer increased egg hatching rates or exclusive Pokemon from eggs. Keep an eye on in-game announcements to make the most of these limited-time events.

Tips for Successful Egg Management

Tracking Egg Progress

Keep track of your egg-hatching progress by accessing the “Egg” tab in your Pokemon collection. This way, you can plan your walks and manage your incubators more effectively.

Optimal Hatching Locations

Choose walking routes with diverse PokeStops and areas with high Pokemon spawn rates to optimize your egg-hatching efficiency.

Troubleshooting Egg Issues

Eggs Not Hatching

If you encounter issues with eggs not hatching, try restarting the app, ensure that Adventure Sync is enabled, and check if your phone’s GPS is functioning correctly.

Appropriate Level Eggs

Pokemon hatched from eggs correspond to the level you were when you obtained the egg. To get stronger Pokemon, focus on hatching eggs at higher trainer levels.


Mastering the art of managing and getting rid of eggs in Pokemon Go is essential for a well-rounded gameplay experience. By following the strategies outlined in this guide, you can efficiently hatch eggs, acquire rare Pokemon, and gain valuable rewards, all while enjoying the adventure that Pokemon Go offers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): how to get rid of eggs in pokemon go

Q1. Can I discard eggs in Pokemon Go?

Answer- Currently, there’s no direct way to discard eggs in the game. However, you can prioritize hatching certain eggs to make space for new ones.

Q2. Do egg hatching distances change during events?

Answer- No, egg hatching distances remain the same during events. However, some events might offer bonuses or increased egg hatching rates.

Q3. Are Pokemon from eggs stronger than wild-caught ones?

Answer- Pokemon hatched from eggs have the same potential as wild-caught ones. However, hatching eggs grants additional experience points and rewards.

Q4. Can I use multiple incubators at once?

Answer- Yes, you can use multiple incubators simultaneously to hatch multiple eggs at once.

Q5. How do I enable Adventure Sync?

Answer- To enable Adventure Sync, go to the settings in the Pokemon Go app and activate the feature.

Q6. Are there exclusive Pokemon that can only be obtained from eggs?

Answer- Yes, some Pokemon are exclusive to eggs, and certain events may offer special Pokemon only available through hatching.

Q7. Do I need to keep the app open while hatching eggs?

Answer- No, you don’t need to keep the app open to hatch eggs if Adventure Sync is enabled. Your walking distance will be tracked even when the app is closed.

Q8. Can I obtain legendary Pokemon from eggs?

Answer- Yes, certain legendary Pokemon can be hatched from special eggs during specific events or as part of limited-time promotions.