Watching movies and anime online is the best way to enjoy content on a big screen. There is no hassle of downloading the files and then watching them later if you watch movies and animes online. The sites like WatchOP will help you a lot in watching movies online. There are numerous sites like WatchOP, but this is the only site that has millions of movies and TV shows to watch online for free. With the simple UI and the vast library, it becomes easier to use the site to watch movies online. 

But many people complained that WatchOP is not accessible. What happened to WatchOP? Well, that’s what we are going to answer in this post. With the complaints from people about the status of WatchOP, we are sharing the details about the status of the same. In this post, you’ll get all the answers to your questions about the WatchOP. 

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What is WatchOP?

WatchOP is one of the best sites to watch movies online. Not just the movies, but the WatchOP comes with a huge library of TV shows and animes. With the huge library and free service, millions of people used to visit WatchOP. Unfortunately, WatchOP is an illegal platform and promotes piracy. That’s why there are frequent copyright strikes and lawsuits against the site from the movies and TV series producers. 

What Happened to WatchOP? 

WatchOP is a free movie streaming site on the internet. But as it promotes piracy, there are several copyrights complaints and lawsuits against the site. With the copyrights and the lawsuits, the site has to be shut down. But the developers of WatchOP are adamant and they keep changing the domain name to stay safe from the legal issues. That’s why you can not see the WatchOP on the same domain name. As the domain name changes, the users complain that the WatchOP has closed. There is no issue with the WatchOP platform, but it changes the domain name to stay safe from the legal concerns. 

Is It Safe to Use WatchOP?

Depends. WatchOP is a pirated movie streaming platform. The safety factor varies from country to country. In most countries, streaming movies and TV series online from the pirated websites is considered illegal. To consider the safety of WatchOP, you should check with the local regulatory authorities and then decide. In short, using WatchOP for watching movies and TV shows is illegal in most countries. You can easily use the VPN service to bypass the country restrictions and access the platform from another country. It’s pretty safe to use a VPN service to hide your IP address and access the service safely. 

Sites like WatchOP | WatchOP Alternatives 

WatchOP is not the only platform where you can watch movies and TV shows. There is a lot of great platforms to watch movies online. If you prefer sticking with the legitimate ways to watch movies, then you should check out these WatchOP alternatives. These sites like WatchOP are pretty useful and provide high-quality content to the users. Some are free and some are premium sites to watch movies online. 


#1 – Amazon Prime Video 

Amazon Prime Video is one of the most popular online movie streaming services from Amazon itself. With high-quality content like movies, TV shows, and anime series, you can enjoy the content anytime anywhere. With the Amazon Original content, which is produced by the company itself, you can enjoy the online shows tailored according to your taste. Not just that, the site is entirely legitimate and there will be no issues while using Amazon Prime Video. If you are the one willing to enjoy the premium movies and latest releases, then Amazon Prime Video is the best choice. 

#2 – Netflix 

Netflix is one of the most popular online content streaming sites, which has more than a few million active users. It’s a premium movie and TV shows streaming site, that comes with a huge library of movies and TV shows. Most of the classic and modern movies are available on the Netflix platform, so watching them in the highest possible quality is easier on Netflix. It’s a premium service, so you have to buy subscription plans. Fortunately, Netflix is one of the most affordable online streaming sites, that offers subscription plans at cheap prices. In short, Netflix is your one-stop spot to watch and enjoy movies online. 


Final Words 

It’s quite an understandable question “ What Happened to WatchOP?”. Well, many people used to visit WatchOP to relax and watch movies online after a tiring workday. But due to the illegal activities, the site is now defunct and may be active on a different domain name. As we are strictly against piracy, it’s essential to ditch this site and choose the safer and legal alternatives of WatchOP.