Own an Android device or thinking to buy one? Well, if you are in your academic period, then you will find many people opposing your desire of owning an Android device. There are many people who believe that Android is not good for students. Well, this is nothing other than a poor concept. The Android device can work as a great helping hand in your studies. All thanks to hard working developers who have developed education related apps. Just go to Google Play, and search about such apps. You will come across many. I have done a deep research to come up with list of best education apps for Android.




Do check it out below.

Wikipedia:The online encyclopedia, the Wikipedia is useful website for every person, whether he/she is student, business person, or is related to any other field. Though Android devices come with high-featured browser in them, and you can open any website in desktop-type style, but Wikipedia is kind of website, that you are required to access several times a day. Therefore better to install their official app on your Android device, rather than opening the website again and again.

Math Formulary: Almost every student finds the Maths tough, and it is actually so. Your Android can help you in making you master of this subject. For this, you need to download this amazing app on your Android. The app comes with database of all formulas that you use in Maths. The ‘Search’ bar in the app lets you search for any Math formula with ease.

Evernote: This is the recommended app for students. It lets you use your Android device as notepad. You can save and organize your study related documents  with ease, and can access them easily while on the move. The app is one of the most downloaded apps in Google Play. This is equally important for business owners as well.

Grammar Guide :As you know, in this competitive world, only high degree is not enough to get a job.  The communication skills and command over English language matter a lot. It is observed that many students make little mistakes in Grammar. These little mistakes change the meaning of whole sentence and thus results in poor impression on people reading it. If you are also facing this problem, then better to download this app on your Android device. It converts your Android into a teacher which is always ready to point out the mistakes from your writing, and give you suggestions on them.

My Student Budget:Apart from the studies, a student’s duty is to control the expenses. This app can help in this task for sure. You can set a budget, and this app will suggest you the right way to spend it. It will keep track of your expenses, and will make you aware from it via CSV report.


Author Bio: Harsha is a Internet addict and loves to share his knowledge via blogging. This unique article is written by him. He writes many articles and helps newbies in understanding what is android.