The smartphone market is improving and is rapidly expanding. The product which we purchase today quickly becomes outdated in few months. The companies are pushing for better smartphones and devices which would make the life of the user much easier and smoother. There are only three OS which power about 80 percent of the smartphones in the world today. You can increase the possibilities in the Android with the help of applications such as by installing applications just as in Computer you can take advantage of vpn service from Kepard. . Google’s very own Android OS is one of them and is growing at far more pace than any other OS in the world.


The Android OS has started its journey in late 2000s and within a short span of time; it has undergone a massive updates and upgrades. With the battle for the smartphone spicing up and with the entry of new entrants like Windows and Nokia, the company (Google) is aggressively updating and maintaining its Android OS. Very recently Android 5.0, code names as Jelly Bean has been introduced by the company. We would be taking a short tour of OS and explore out the features and would finally sum up with its future.

The Android Jelly Bean OS has been marketed as a complete overhaul of the OS which would offer a better and streamlined interface to the users. There are number of additional features and enahcemnets which are added to this. Not very long ago, Ice Cream Sandwich version of OS was released but with the coming of phones like Samsung Galaxy SIII and Google Nexus, the game has changed a lot. The user is now more demanding and there has been a shift on the User Interface and Experience rather than on the functionality. So here is a glance of some of the features which are incorporated in the Jelly Bean.

The home screen has been revamped as the part of User Interface enhancements. The apps and widgets can have different sizes and are adjusted dynamically along with the support for the offline voice typing. This OS is also called as the Project Butter which would mean that they would eliminate lag and make the user experience enriching and full of excitement. The notification system has also been given a complete overhaul and is now equipped with the NFC capabilities. The Google is also trying very hard to compete head on with the Apple in the area of voice based command system. Google Voice has been improved and is more intelligent. Many experts believe that the Google Voice is faster than the Siri in terms of delivery time. Google has also cut out on the update time with the faster update mechanism that would ensure that the phone remain up to date all the time. Besides this, there is plethora of enhancements and features that have been put in this system.

The future of this OS looks promising and would be shipped in smartphones of almost all the major manufacturers. The first phone which would have this OS is Google Nexus that would be introduced in the later part of this year. However, some parts of this OS have been implemented in the Samsung Galaxy SIII.


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