For most bloggers, the jackpot of self-promotion is getting a large blog to link one of their posts. When a particularly well-read blogger links to their content, the traffic will flood in, and overnight the number of people reading their work and buying their products can double, triple, or more. That is great when it happens. The problem is, it doesn’t happen very often. It is hard to get the attention of major bloggers, and even harder to get them to re-blog your content. In effect, hoping for this to happen is the same as hoping to get famous or rich by dint of pure luck. It may happen, but there is no reason to think that it will.

Share Ideas Instead

But there is another way to get attention from major bloggers, and to get mentioned in their blogs, and that is to share ideas. Sharing ideas means taking a certain number of the articles you come across that could merit a post on your own site, and instead of writing about them, forwarding them to a more prominent blogger. It means thinking of a clever phrase or good idea for a post, and forwarding it to someone with a huge following, and suggesting that it would make a good post on their own blog.

sharing ideas

This strategy may seem counterproductive; after all, it means sacrificing content on your own blog and passing it to somebody else. But in fact, it works remarkably well, because major bloggers are under intense pressure to publish, and they always need new and better ideas.

How It Helps You

But where does the benefit to your blog come in? Well, there are a number of ways you can capitalize on exposure from larger bloggers. First, it is likely that they will choose to mention you if they use your idea. They may even tweet your blog and Twitter handle in thanks; if they do, be sure you have installed a Twitter widget on your WordPress themes that will show your readers you have been mentioned by a major blogger. That’s the direct benefit you can get.

Indirectly, you put yourself on the radar of a major blogger. Having prominent people reading your work is almost as good as having them talk about it, because if they read it long enough, they are sure to talk about it (and link to it) eventually. The goal is getting them to pay attention to you. If that means sacrificing some of your content, then it’s a small sacrifice to make.