No matter what version you hold in your hand, it always seems to be a perfect match to your personality.

The appeal of this Apple product is pegged to greater notches every time something new is added. The idea is to keep the users engaged with the user-friendly innovations which this company keeps on introducing. And the ‘I’ attached to all of the Apple products does the rest of the magic!

Wondering, why am I going gaga about Apple’s already known and well-appreciated marketing strategy?

It is the news that just caught my eyes.

The buzz that compelled me to come up with this blog! 

If you have already gone through the link provided above, you can understand the euphoric wave (sweeping ‘Mad for Apple’ people (like me) off their feet!).

Imagine the HealthBook App (if it is actually real!). It has so much potential.

The word around the techworld suggests the following tasks that this health app for iPhone can do:

  • Collect precise health info with the help of other gadgets
  • Record data to consult later
  • Help to track the changes in the vital health signs
  • Assist in knowing when a doctor is actually needed (and avoid paying them unnecessary, when we get false alerts driven by our fear of sickness or disease!)
  • Do more than just recording updating on calorie consumption

For those who don’t believe anything at the first sight!

Any word in a market space is a rumor, until it is officially announced.

Following questions can augment the skepticism for such a health app:

  • Blood sugar cannot be measured without the blood sample. Is the iPhone going to have lancets attached to it?
  • Oxygen saturation? What is it and should I really have to be bothered with it or other such unfamiliar medical terminology?
  • Do I need to possess just the iPhone to use this app, or will I have to purchase other gadgets in addition to the iPhone for this app to really be active?

So on and so forth!

What to do then?

Nothing, just wait with classic ‘patience’ and watch for updates on the same!

Everyone who is skeptical of a mobile application on health will have to wait for Apple to come in front and tell out loud. And this is surely going to take time, until they have tested the success rate of their app.

Still, there is no harm in imagining the existence of such an advance app from Apple that promises to go beyond Runtastic Pedometer, or Move.

I am happy with the thought, and this is a good state to remain in!

Which state are you in, with this news? Let me know. I am all ears!

Author Bio

I am a professional (at Click4support.net) who needs to remain updated technically. But, don’t just go by my professional tie-ups. I just love Apple and like to read everything I get my hands on; which is why I am here and you are reading about me! LOLs!