Are you the type of person who wants to tackle every challenge that arises throughout your home completely on your own? Do you prefer saving money by never having to hire professionals to do everything from repair or install a furnace to fix your automatic garage door? Then you need to have access to the best tips, tricks, and advice that can be found on the Internet. And what better place to look for tutorials on home repair that are easy to follow than YouTube? This is the best social media site for connecting with other experts who are happy to share their advice in video form with you.

Continue reading for a list of three of the very best YouTube channels you should be checking out on a regular basis if your motto is “do it yourself” when it comes to making repairs around the home.

Ask the Builder

Tim Carter is the host of the Ask the Builder videos that are found on YouTube. Unlike other hosts, he is not boring at all and he won’t put you to sleep. His high energy levels and fast-talking personality will instead keep you alert so that you can take in all of the important information he is providing you with. Even novice home handymen will definitely benefit from Tim Carter’s tutorials, which provide you with everything from general overviews on how to tackle small and large problems, to step-by-step videos that guide you through a specific repair.

eHow Home

You have probably visited on a number of occasions while you were searching for myriad topics on the Internet, but did you know that eHow Home has its own YouTube channel as well? The experts within these videos will show you how to troubleshoot common household problems, and the videos even help you with everything from gardening to cleaning and choosing the right d├ęcor for each room, as well as everything else in between that you would need to make your home beautiful, comfortable, and functional.

Home Addition Plus

Home Addition Plus is yet another great YouTube channel with a host of videos that are going to show you how to make a variety of repairs throughout your home, no matter how minor or how intricate. The videos feature Mark Donovan, who will show you everything you need to know to make home repairs and even remodel your home successfully without having to hire professionals or spend a lot of money. The videos are more suited to those who already have a bit of experience in home repairs, though, as some videos do not go in-depth with every single step in a home repair process, so they might be a little too confusing for beginners.

Knowing what YouTube channels to search for will give you the ability to make important repairs throughout your home easily and quickly, no matter what budget you are on. Subscribe to these channels so that you are always alerted as soon as a new video is posted.

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