There are millions and millions of users today on Facebook and if you have a page on Facebook there are good chances that a part of this user base would have seen your pages and some of them would have also liked it. Now the big question is how many of those users came to visit your website, and why; how many didn’t and once again why not!

Most of the medium, big and small companies know that Facebook is a big platform for improving their social media reach, and they should and must be leveraged to promote their website and engage their customers; having said that most of the administrators don’t have a clue about what they need to do after setting up a Facebook fan page. They don’t know how to drive the traffic coming to their Facebook page on to their website.


Here are some powerful tips for marketing your website on Facebook.

1. Make use of custom tabs.

With the help of those tabs you can put your site center and front with the help of a special custom tab, which either showcases your website right on Facebook or diverts the visitors to the concerned website.

2. Leverage the Cover Photo.

This big image right at the top of your Facebook page is a big brand booster. This feature came in existence after Facebook adopted the format of Timeline. While the social network does not like you putting your web address here, you can always make use of this space by adding the logo, images or tagline that defines your website. There are many free Cover Photo design tools out there on Internet to help you with this. You don’t really have to be graphic designer to get this done.

3. Consider promoting special offers on Facebook

You should make it a point to promote only special offers out there. Apart from offering your fans, the chance to get some incentives to pay a visit to your site, the fans also feel that they are a part of a unique community and they would stick to it for a long time to come. This will help you in making a big loyal fan base.

4. Make sure you include your website address

In the about information on your Facebook page, don’t forget to promote your website URL. Many social media experts also say that the first thing in your about page should be your website URL as only limited characters can be accommodated in the about field, which appears below the Cover Photo.

5. Be more creative with what you post on your Facebook page.

This is one of the best ways of driving Facebook traffic to your website. It can be anything, right from any catchy lines from your blog or any product or services on your website or any link directing towards a particular page of your website. This will not only encourage your fans to go to your website but they would also want to share it with their Facebook friends. But, remember it can greatly back-fire if you keep posting dozens of boring links every now and then, and become a spammer in the eyes of your visitors.

6. Keep checking the performance of your pages with FB Insights

FB Insightsare made available only to the page admins; the interaction metrics can be used to see how effective the promotions on your Facebook page have been. And, then it’s time to improvise; rinse and repeat!


Make use of all these tips for promoting your website on your Facebook page, and getting traffic out of that page will become much simpler than you could have possibly thought.

Author Bio – Jolie is a social media marketing expert who provides online reputation management as well as social media optimization services to a wide range of global clients. If you want to buy facebook likes, you can contact him or visit Want Fans.