Social media has widened its horizon and it is not considered as a mere tool to remain in touch with old friends. It is a great platform to promote your products or services in the global market without investing a penny. Other than SEO, you can increase the web traffic through social media marketing. If you properly use this tool you can manage to increase the conversion rate along with sales. Therefore, growth in this sector has paved the path for different career options related to social media marketing.

Here are the different career choices specific to social media marketing:

1. Copywriter:
You may think a copywriter is appointed to write sales letters, brochures, or write copies for ads, but he/she has important role to play in the area of social media marketing. Remember, you can write articles for social bookmarking and news sites as it can help to increase traffic in your client’s website. Therefore, strategic updates can help to drive traffic to your client’s website.

2. Link Builder:
Link builder plays an important role in order to bring backlinks for online marketing. The link created by these link builders can prove to be beneficial for their client’s website. A single click on the link is considered as a vote for the client’s website. The website ranking may escalate with every click on the link. A link builder may employ different elements of social media to place links and create high-quality backlinks.

3. Social Media Marketing Manager:
A social media marketing manager supervises whether the different social media programs have been properly put into operation for the clients. These programs may be inclusive of social bookmarking, news, networking and tagging sites like Delicious, Digg, Facebook and Stumbleupon. Therefore, social media marketing managers control the overall marketing programs for the client.

4. Reputation Manager:
You may find negative information about companies or products on the internet. Therefore, the renowned companies generally hire reputation managers in order to build a brand image of the company. The reputation managers generally clear doubts of the people by removing negative information and propagating positive information about the company.

The career options are no longer limited to areas of arts and science. You need to embrace unique career options as it can help to boost your professional career. Therefore, social media marketing is a lucrative career option for the young generation.