Here we have a list of social media sites that will help you learn a foreign language. Some of them have been around as long as 2001 (when the Internet was still a cranky baby), and others are so new that they are hard to find on Google. Nevertheless it is highly recommended that you try a few if you are learning a new language. Try a few and find the one that suits you the best. It may be a case of meeting the right people on the right site for you to feel the full benefit. – This is a social network that will allow you to learn a foreign language with the principle of mutual learning. The important thing may be to find someone with whom you can discuss things with over the phone. Despite its shaky premise it is doing better than most other foreign language learning social media sites. – For translating phrases. For the moment there are only four languages (Spanish, English, German and French) and the original language is English. For those who are not fluent in English they will have to wait. The idea is to learn by translating texts. – The Swiss Army knife of languages, whose goal is to develop an e-platform through which language enthusiasts can meet, exchange ideas, and feed each other’s language skills. Language learning from teachers and books is more classical, and does not take into account the way people really talk. On this site people can teach others of their experiences. They can tell each other what a gimboid really is, and why it is not a good idea to call it your grandma on her birthday. – Could be characterized as “lexxing Facebook” language learning, as it is complete in terms of communication (forum, chat, photo album, video and blogs). It is a Facebook-esk site in terms of functionality, not in terms of popularity. – This is a website that offers a language learning service in which you may make friends, download files for playback, take on a tutor, learn and increase your vocabulary, participate in conversations and complete exercises.

Live mocha – On this site you have many lessons with which to learn a language, with several levels to complete. The principle is to practice and be corrected by the community. You will even be able to train yourself to speak the language. The community is already huge, so you will probably find many working partners. This may be one of the few foreign language-learning sites that goes the distance. – This is a social media site which will allow you to connect with local people and learn the language of your choice. – This site offers to find you a language partner who needs your help in return for theirs. The site is very ugly, but makes it easy to find partners. It has been around since 2001 when we are all still using temperamental modems, so there may be something in this site that is not first apparent to the outsider.

Polyglot – With this site you will learn not only the language, but you will make friends, because you will meet others during scheduled meetings – so no need to go to the other side of the world to learn a language.

The name of this fairly unheard of social media site may have come from the programming term for multiple languages. It may have come from its entrance into common tongue through knowing multiple languages. It may have even come from the translation device of the same name seen in the “New Statesman” TV show with Rik Mayall, called “Speaking in Tongues” (1992). – This social network promotes learning by writing written notes or written questions. The principle is that the community takes shape and supports each other.

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