Twitter is a great way that people are connecting with each other and keeping one another up to date on the minutiae of life as well as the big news. They call Twitter a micro-blogging site, and that’s an understatement. While you could post as many times a day as you want to your Twitter profile, you have a 140-character limit with each Tweet. That certainly doesn’t seem like very much space to get out everything that you need to say. However, the following tips should help you to start writing shorter, to the point Tweets that matter and that work.


 The Right Words

Many believe that dashing off a Tweet should only take a few seconds. In some cases, that’s true. Telling the world that you just had a blueberry muffin is not literary rocket science. However, when you are trying to get out other types of information that is a bit more important than breakfast, you have to make sure that you are picking the right words that will convey the meaning that you need as easily as possible. You want to keep things as simple as possible. Using action verbs in your Tweets can be helpful as well, as they convey more energy. If you simply can’t distill your thoughts to 140 characters, you might consider writing a blog post about it instead, and then simply Tweeting a link to the post.


Read Your Tweet before Posting

Are you using any extraneous words? Did you misspell something? Could you find another way to shorten it – without using ridiculous abbreviations – and still get the same message across? Rewriting and using better, often smaller words, will soon become second nature.


Thoughts Not Paragraphs

Remember that you are writing your thoughts, and not full paragraphs. It’s okay to take a few liberties with grammar, such as leaving out a pronoun in a sentence. As long as the message is still the same, it should not be an issue.


Make Your Posts Personal

The reason that people read Twitter posts and love social media is because so many people are voyeurs at heart. If they tell you anything different, they are either a saint or a liar! Know this going into Twitter, and make your posts personal and creative. It really can make a difference in the number of followers that you have. People want interesting and they want real when it comes to social media.


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