Best RO UV Water PurifierThe RO water purifiers are known for being the safest way to purify the water than any other kind of water purifiers. With the RO water Purifiers, you can make any water into clean water and drink it without fearing about the bacterias and infections. When you decide to buy the Best RO Water Purifier, what do you think while shortlisting the models or brands? Pricing? Features? Or anything else?

Well, for most of the people, choosing the best RO Water Purifier is the most confusing thing. Many brands in the market are manufacturing the RO UV water purifiers. So, choosing the right one is the difficult task. That’s why we’ve decided to help you out in selecting the best RO water purifier for your home.


How to Choose the Best RO UV UF Water Purifier?

It is essential to know some terminologies about the Water Purifiers before moving to know how to choose Best RO Water Purifier India. Here is the explanation to some of the standard terms that you may not hear.

How to Choose Best RO UV Water Purifier

RO = The RO stands for the Reverse Osmosis. The Reverse Osmosis is the process of purifying the water by passing it through the semipermeable membrane and deionizing and demineralizing it to clean it. The RO is known as one of the best water purifying method.

UV = The UV stands for the Ultraviolet. In the Water Purifier sense, the UV rays are used to treat water and kill the remaining bacterias that escaped from Reverse Osmosis.

UF = UF means the Ultrafiltration. The UF water purifiers have the hollow fibre threaded membrane, which purifies the solids from the water and high volume molecules from the water. The UF membrane is useful for filtering the water from borewells.


How to Choose Best Water Purifier?

  • Find Water Quality

The Water has different quality in the various areas. Some people have access to the tap water, which is processed by the water supplier and the Borewell water, which is straight up from the core of the earth.

Both types of waters need the different purification methods. The RO and UV are enough for purifying the Tap water but for Borewell water; we need to have the UF purifiers. So, consider the water quality in your area before considering to purchase any water purifier.

  • Electric or Nonelectric

The Water Purifiers may need electricity to run correctly. Some of the purifiers do not require the power at all. If you are choosing the Electric Water Purifier, then make sure you have uninterrupted electricity supply, because, without electricity, the purifier won’t purify the water. If you face frequent disruptions in electricity supply, then it’s better to choose the nonelectric water purifier.

  • Purification Method

As we are looking for RO water purifiers, we need to see if the water purifier has the RO system or not. Nowadays, most of the companies are making the RO based water purifiers. Along with the RO, there should be the UV or UF technology to filter the additional impurities. Make sure the purifier has the UV or the UF technology to accompany the UV technology.

  • After-Sales Service

Maintenance of the Water Purifiers is the most important thing you should care about purchasing it. Considering the After-Sales service reviews of any brand you’ve shortlisted should be done without any delay. You should ask your friends or those who’ve bought any RO Water Purifier already about the After-Sales service.

While purchasing any Water Purifier, check for the number of Service centres available in your Area and also the response time of the Customer Care Executive who’ll come to your house for maintenance purposes.

Conclusion | Choose Best RO UV UF Water Purifier

These are the points which you should check before purchasing the RO UV water purifier for your home. With these points, you can quickly shortlist few of the best RO Water Purifiers and then buy the best one that suits your personal needs.