In case you have been pulling a Rip Van Winkle for thirty years, you might not know that technology has been rapidly advancing and becoming cheaper in recent decades. The technology used in old mysteries and spy stories is now available for general consumption. Once it was hard to believe, but now anybody can have a watch phone or a watch camera. Now one can easily be found on the internet for people concerned about privacy, theft, or even business efficiency. A spy shop now caters to a lot of different clientele, from inventors concerned about patent secrets, to parents concerned about their teenage children, to fleet managers trying to get their drivers to be more efficient.

Keeping Business Secrets

With the rapid pace of technological changes in our society, new concepts are always in high demand. Consider computer applications, biotechnology, or other the latest social media program. A company with a brand new creation may not want to let anyone else know about it until it is ready to launch. The owner or manager of the firm may want to invest in a few precautions to protect their business investments for the long term. These could be compromised by corporates spies, intruders, or even negligent employees. A website with spy gadgets could offer a few solutions:

Alarm systems
Surveillance cameras
Cell phone jamming technology
Audio surveillance detectors
Detecting detection may seem like a contradiction, but when your firm holds the secret commodity, the desire to protect your intellectual property or invention is understandable. If you suspect someone of trying to steal your secrets, you can scan rooms to find hidden cameras and bugs. The peace of mind that can bring lets you work in comfort to realize the fruits of your labor.

Worried Parents Appreciate Hi-Tech Babysitting Help

Teenagers can cause their parents a headache or two on occasion. This might involve driving, dating, or drinking or just playing their music too loud. Parents want to be involved in their child’s life, but they don’t always want to hover over them. They want to trust the teens, but precautions are nice. When a daughter is home alone for the first time with a date, a hidden camera in the living room or family room might be nice. A camera pointed at the liquor cabinet might also tell some tales. A nanny cam could also keep an eye on a babysitter so parents know what really goes on when they are out at a dinner party. Parents might also want to protect their family from intruders with an alarm system and an outside camera, some of which can be disguised.

Fleet Managers Appreciate GPS Tracking

A spy shop can also help corporate fleet managers with GPS trackers. Fleet managers are responsible for all of the vehicles that go on service runs and make deliveries. In a large company, that can entail hundreds of vehicles. This means lot so fuel and lots of maintenance costs. The latest GPS devices placed on vehicles can be accessed remotely to pinpoint any truck’s location. The manager can thus quickly figure out which vehicle might be best situated for an additional pick up. The GPS system can also notify the manager when drivers go out of a prearranged area. This could help identify inefficient routes or unnecessary stops.

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Some high end GPS trackers can also connect to vehicle’s on board diagnostic system, so the manager can be notified of potential maintenance issues early. What was once super-secret technology can now help the average business in many ways.