The Best Way To Store Paper Documents- Analog Style Or The Digital Style

When you talk about storing documents in this generation with all the latest technologies, all signs seem to point towards “Digital.” This was underscored recently by a well-known document storage warehouse that: storing paper documents is like undertaking unnecessary risks where the digital technique for storage brings absolute benefits across the board. In the past, the physical storage of paper documents is considered to be the best and cost-effective way of storing documents, files, and important written stuff that does not require retrieving.

The Best Way To Store Paper-Documents-Analog Style Or The Digital Style

But, in the recent times, the world is exposed to tons of technologies and latest concepts of leading life in a less messy way, and accepting the fact that the digital technologies are advancing in the industry of storing documents is a good move. Some of the benefits of digital techniques of storing paperwork over the analog storage are listed below:

Safety And Security

Scanning the paper documents that are stored in boxes is the best way to protect the important information.

The Digital Storage:

The security setting happens at the document level with fire and waterproof solutions, automated backups for any disastrous recovery, and audit trails and document level tracking.

The Physical Storage:

It is susceptible to theft, can be destroyed by fire and water, no residue found after a natural disaster, and difficulty in tracking the physical documents.


If you want to enhance your Company’s profitability and efficiency, again look at the benefits of digital techniques of storing paper documents.

The Digital Storage:

It is quick and easy to retrieve, 24/7 access to documents, can look at the documents from any computer or mobile device from anywhere in the world, better and faster service, and shares and distributes documents quite easily.

The Physical Storage:

It takes a long time to retrieve data, have access during business hours, limited viewing options only to the physical location of the document, slower service, and sharing and distributing is impractical in this case.

Retention And Compliance

The federal and state regulations make the meeting document retention guides a difficult process that makes seven more difficult by the addition of paper into the mix.

The Digital Storage:

It automatically sets the retention guidelines, the pre-delete alerts offer an addition layout and prevent mistakes, documents are available on the spot and are admissible in court, and it minimizes the legal exposure and the rates with automatic retention schedules.

The Physical Storage:

The manual labour purging takes time, no safety net to get hold of the wrongfully purged documents, the multi-step process gets painful, it takes days for the documents to be available to get along with the legal work, and removing the documents from the storage is expensive.

The Digital Revolution

When you think about all the benefits of the digital vs. Physical document storage facilities, it is common sense to understand why numerous organizations are selecting the digital scanning of the papers over the long box storage these days.