Among the latest innovations in the telecommunications and internet connection is the mobile broadband. Even during its early stage, this technology was embraced even by several consumers who have casual mobile internet connection needs. The first few generations of mobile internet enabled subscribers to browse the internet for the mere purpose of getting quick information from the internet such as the latest movie schedules, sports or entertainment news, and latest updates from friends in social media sites. However, experts saw the need for better mobile internet connection that will enable consumers to do more than the aforementioned online activities.

This is why a more advanced technology of mobile internet in the form of 3G where people were able to get a faster mobile internet browsing experience came about. But since, part of the human nature is their penchant for something new and better than what they have been accustomed to, the mere idea of the 4G network sent thrills to avid mobile internet users due to the advantages that it has over its predecessor which is the 3G network.

Advantages of the 4G Network

So, what are the advantages of the 4G Network that people should look forward to?

  • Better internet mobile browsing experience – As compared to the 3G network, the 4G broadband internet is expected to have an immense bandwidth of up to 100mbps. Although it could get a lot slower than this in real life, the regular mobile internet speed that subscribers can get will still be way much faster than the 3G network.
  • More devices compatible with – the 3G network has lighter processing power hence, it can only be used on mobile phones. The 4G technology however, can provide an internet connection to mobile phones and other devices such as laptops and desktop computers.
  • Wider range – The current range of the 3g network is up to 10 miles while the 4G network has a range of 31 miles or even farther in optimum circumstances.

How Businesses Can Benefit From 4G Mobile Broadband

With all the advantages of the 4G network that were previously laid out, we can ascertain that a lot of mobile users can benefit from the 4G mobile broadband, most especially those who belong to the business sector.

While this technology may not be at par with the advanced internet connections intended for small or large businesses, employees can make use of the excellent internet connection that they can have even while on the go. While mobile phones may provide them the means to talk or send some text messages to anyone, having an online connection can allow them to communicate better by viewing and replying to emails, getting access to some company information or documents that needs to be referred to before making the call, perform some quick editing tasks on some documents, and much more.

With these qualities in mobile internet, employees and businessmen can respond to their clients better with quick access to relevant information. Coordinating important matters with co-workers can also be facilitated with better connections than mere phone calls or text messages. Furthermore, people can be updated with the latest and relevant news that has something to do with their work or business by browsing their mobile internet regardless of the time and their location.

Final Words

The 4G mobile broadband, while it is still in its early stage at present, is still undergoing some refinements but in a few month’s time, we can expect a 4G mobile broadband connection with faster speed and wider coverage where businesses, where individuals can also benefit the most.