Now TV is the new kid on the block, and is trying its best to make an impact on the world of online streaming.
Boasting of the latest films from the first window of releasing, this site offers customers movies up to 18 months before the likes of LOVEFiLM. They also tempt custom by making films available for streaming without having to sign up for any subscription packages or contracts.
On the face of it Now TV is a worthy adversary of the market leaders, but when comparing all aspects of their website content, unfortunately, Now TV falls short in many areas.
Their unique selling point is that they have the most recent films and to the developers of the site this means that they have superior content however, there is more to streaming sites than the odd decent film. Considering the amount of recent releases that there are compared to the backlog of films that are available, Now TV has restricted itself to a library of around 600 films. However, sites that include a wide range of old and new can offer customers much more choice, after all, it doesn’t matter to the viewer if the film is new if it is still not very good.
By offering more choice the site will also appeal to a broader market and branching out from films into television, which currently Now TV has not, also offers more diversity.
One of the main benefits of streaming is that it uses the internet which means it can be mobile; often at times viewers might have half an hour of time to kill and television programmes are ideal for this.
Many users of the Now TV website have also complained about the lack of depth to the website itself; the search engine is not as effective as it could be, there are no trailers to go with the films and there has been reported technical difficulties as there usually are with most young websites.
As it stands, both the content of the library and the website of Now TV give the impression that it still has a long way to go, so in the case of Now TV vs LOVEFiLM, well let’s just say that we wouldn’t switch providers just yet.”