Top 12 xmovies8 alternatives to watch online in 2024

Now, if you are a binge-watcher but don’t want to spend much on buying subscriptions and paying in premiums, then you surely must be familiar with Xmovies8. It is one of the best movie streaming websites to enjoy not just movies but also TV shows.

Xmovies 8 has been people’s favourite site for a long time. It used to let you stream movies online or download them so you can watch them later at your convenience. All of this, and they never asked for even a penny. It offered a vast movie library and updates about upcoming movies. Online streaming services have taken a massive turn in the entertainment industry due to their nature of comfortability and unique services. 

Xmovies 8 has also been popular due to its user interface, which gives smooth navigation for users on their website. 

Why can’t we access xmovies8 anymore?

Now, as in the past, many streaming websites have been taken down due to various reasons. Xmovies8 also got targeted by authorities. If any site is listing content on its platform without proper licensing or consent from its creators, most of the ISP’s start blocking the site. 

At such times many website owners try to keep their services online by using different domain names. Still, they get detected and blocked by the ISP’s. since the site has vanished from the internet, here are a few alternatives to xmovies8 that will give you a similar watching experience :

 Top 12 alternatives for xmovies8 you can watch online in 2024


Putlocker is quite a popular online movie streaming website. It offers you a variety of movies and tv shows in different genres like action, horror, romance, thriller, etc. The site also provides movies and tv shows from other countries in their regional language and dubbed versions. 

 For a user, it is easier to navigate on the site because it has a filter option to filter the movie search by alphabets and genres. You can stream your favourite movie with very minimal or no advertisements to distract you.

Xmovies8 Alternative- Putlocker


Putlocker has faced copyright violations in the past, but it managed to survive by changing its name and servers. Putlockers also allows users to request movies or shows that are not available on the site. Users can also share movie links on their social media or with their peers. 

It allows you to stream the content in high quality.

2. Vidics-

Besides having a vast collection of movies and tv shows, Vidics also gives you information about the movie cast, plot summary, movie ratings, and latest movies related news on their website, which makes it one of the best xmovies8 alternatives. 

xmovies8 alternative- vidics

Vidics has sections for new movies listed on the site and upcoming movies with details about their release date, duration, and cast. Which makes it to be the best feature the site offers to users. You will see the latest movies as soon as you open their homepage, but the overall website is not very interactive. You have to go through a series of clicks and open a tab to start watching your movie finally, which can be pretty annoying sometimes. 

To stream movies online on vidics, you must have to download Flash Player and DivX Player. 

3.Movies 4k-

Movies 4k is a very user-friendly online movie streaming platform. The best thing about this site is you don’t have to register or pay for a subscription to stream any content available. With its straightforward user interface, it is easy to browse movies based on their popularity and titles. 

The site offers the option of marking the movies and tv shows to watch later. The site lets you stream without any ads interrupting you, and it also boasts of high streaming speed. Overall this site offers you an excellent streaming experience. 

xmovies8 alternatives 2021- movies4k

4. Moviewatcher-

Moviewatcher has different pages for streaming movies and tv shows. It makes it more straightforward for the user to browse from its vast content library. The best thing about Moviewatcher is that it allows you to download as many movies as you want.

You can search for movies based on their titles, genres, release date, movie/tv show ratings, and cast. It lets you stream high-quality content on their portal itself. The only thing is when you click on a movie to stream, a pop-up ad instantly comes, which is a minor inconvenience . otherwise, moviewatcher is one of the best alternatives for xmovies8.

xmovies8 alternatives 2021 - MoviesWatcher


5. Go Movies-

Go movie is an excellent alternative for the xmovies8 cinema movie streaming platform. You can find top-rated movies here based on their country, genre, and IMDB ratings. The site has a tab where you can find the current trending movies or tv shows. 

If you are familiar with the movie site 123 movies, then Go Movies is very similar to it. It also allows you to rate various movies. You can watch and download any movie or tv show without paying anything. 

xmovies8 alternatives 2021 - GoMovies


6. Megashare-

Megashaere is the best alternative for websites like xmovies8. It offers movies and tv shows in different regional languages, which makes its content library very diverse. Like few of the other sites, Megashare also can filter movies based on their titles and genres. It gives detailed information about the film and its cast.

You can enjoy streaming your favourite show or movie online on megashare for free. Users don’t have to register for streaming. But in case anyone wants to request any film that is not available on the site, they will have to register to put in a request.

xmovies8 alternative 2021 - MegaShare


7. 5 Movies-

5 movies is a good option if you are looking for xmovies8 tv shows and movies alternatives. The site is known for its high quality and its easy-to-use interface. The website has a massive database for its content which you can stream or download for free. It’s easy to browse through websites because it offers a long list of movies. It has 29 video genres which make it easier to locate the movie or show. The site also has Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Indian series. 

xmovies8 alternative 2021 - 5movies


8. CMoviesHD- 

CMoviesHD is a very easy-to-use website. It has a variety of movies and shows to offer. You can easily filter out your search by genres, alphabets, or IMDB ratings. You can watch movies online, and if you want to watch them later, you can download them as well.

Now, CMoviesHD is not a kid-friendly website. It offers all the content in the adult range. It has no content to offer for kids. So keep this in mind while visiting the website. Due to the nature of the content, you can also get adult ads while streaming. You can get rid of the Adblock extension to your browser.

xmovies8 alternative 2021-CmoviesHD


9. Yes Movies-

Out of all the alternatives we suggested to you for xmovies8, Yes movies might become your most favourite. Why? Because you can stream movies with night mode. It lessens the brightness of your screen and gives you a fantastic watching experience. Yes, Movies has content from the latest to old classics in their collection, fulfilling your entertainment needs. You can browse trending movies with the help of the ‘Top Today’ section. 

It offers a variety of movies and tv series from popular OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, apple tv, etc.

xmovies8 alternative 2021- yesmovies



10.SeeHD –

Like the names suggest, SeeHD is an excellent xmovies alternative in 2022 to stream movies in HD quality. You can also download them in HD quality for free of cost. It does show you lots of ads while streaming, but if you were looking for a site like xmovies8, you must be expecting it. It also offers you various Bollywood movies of high quality. 

It’s very easy to navigate on the site to get desired results.

xmovies8 alternatives 2021 - SeeHD



CouchTuner, like the name suggests, will get you the best quality content for your entertainment. Sometimes we want to sit on a couch with snacks to enjoy a good quality movie or show to relax. It is one of the best alternatives for xmovies8. Apart from the search bar, you can look for your film with filters available on websites like new releases, TV show lists, movie lists, and alphabets.

Although you should be aware that this site is blocked in some regions, it’s nothing that a VPN won’t fix.

xmovies8 alternative 2021- couchtuner


The final best xmovies8 alternative we can suggest is FMovies. You can search for any movie or tv show through their massive collection very easily. You can search for movies based on their genres, country, language, release date, alphabets, etc. The best part of the website is that since their collaboration with 9anime, you can watch or download raw anime series. And it’s all for free. You can also put a request for any film or series if it’s not available on their site without any registration. This site is absolutely ad-free.

xmovies8 alternative 2021-fmovies


Final Words – 

            We have found the best xmovies alternatives for 2022 for you. I hope you will find a suitable option that will let you stream your movie or show seamlessly and let you enjoy it by enhancing your watching experience. 

You can compare all the options based on the information we have put together for you. It will give you an idea about which sites are top quality or ad-free. We hope you will find the alternative for xmovies8 that best suits you. If you have any further queries, you can put them in the comments or email us. We will try to find possible solutions for you. Let us know in the comments.