The gaming consoles from the early days were a lot of fun. Many of us have sweet memories playing the latest games on the consoles. Be it our own or friends, the gaming consoles like the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation Portable were a lot of fun. But, with time and advancements in technology, the gaming consoles became obsolete and the modern ones replaced them. The old games are still better for the majority of the population due to easy and interesting gameplay. Nowadays, it’s pretty hard to get gaming consoles like Nintendo Wii from the old days in the market. 

But we do have the option of using the emulators. The console emulators are nothing but the software programs, which emulator the operating system environment on the computer. This means you can play the Nintendo Wii games on your computer if you install the Wii Emulator. There are a lot of great emulators easily available on the internet. You need the Wii ROMS or the games to play on the emulator. Many of us have the question: are there some great sites to download Wii ROMS? Well yes. That’s what we are going to share in this post, Here, you’ll find the best websites to download Wii ROMS. 

Best Websites to Download Wii ROMS for Emulators

#1 –

If you want to access all the custom and favorite Nintendo Wii ROMs, then is one of the most popular sites that you should check out. With almost all of the Wii ROMS available to download for free, you can enjoy the experience of playing the favorite games on your computer. It’s quite easy to use this site as it doesn’t have any kind of fake download buttons or popup ads. You can search and sort the Wii ROMS according to your needs with ease. With the huge library of games, you can find it one of the best sites to download Wii ROMS. 

#2 – Portal ROMs 

Portal ROM is one of the most popular sites to download Wii ISO files on your computer. It has a huge variety of Nintendo Wii ROMs that you will find very intriguing. With classic and modern games, you can download anything from this site. This site is available to use for free of cost. You won’t have to pay a dime to get the best quality Nintendo Wii games. You can get them for free. As it has a huge variety of games, you can find games that are not easily available on the internet on Portal ROMs. 

#3 – ROMS Mode 

ROMS mode is also a great website if you are interested in getting good Wii ISO ROMs on your computer. Not just the ROM files, but you can also get the best quality emulators, from the different developers. You can play with the emulators and then choose the best one that suits your needs. On this site, you’ll find more than a few thousand great Nintendo Wii games that you might have played in childhood. The developers of this site have added the special feature of ranking or the rating which lets you know which game is highly rated and which one is low rated. So, you can choose the best one according to your rating preferences. ROMS mode provides the manual search feature, sorting, and also the genre listing, which makes it easier to find the games from the library. 

#4 – Emu Paradise

If you like interacting with like-minded people and want to team up with Wii gamers then Emu Paradise is one of the best sites to download Wii ROMs on your computer. If you are active in the Wii Emulator industry then you might know about the Emu Paradise. It’s a great site that offers free Nintendo Wii ROM downloads and also interacts with the forum members. For the veterans, it’s a great place to spend time and find the best games to play on the Nintendo Wii Emulator on your computer. You should not miss visiting the Emu Paradise website for getting the best quality games for playing on your computer with the help of the emulators.

Final Words 

Nintendo and other brands had the classic game consoles, which made the old times interesting. Back in the days, when we got bored, we played the Nintendo Wii consoles and spent hours playing our favorite games. Nowadays finding the Wii consoles is hard, but using the emulators is great. If you are finding it hard to get the games for your Wii Emulator, then these are the best sites to download Wii ROMs online. We tried our best to find and share this list. All you have to do is to check out the sites and download Wii ROMS online for free.