When you start playing ARK: Survival Evolved as a beginner, you must be patient and slow. You are new to ARK and need a proper shelter, appropriate tools, and tamed animals to help you survive. So, in the beginning, your motto should be slow and steady. However, as you progress, gather tools, and build a base, your foothold strengthens. So, as a pro, you need to change your game plan, which would elevate from easy to difficult.

7 Important Tips for Pro in Ark Survival Evolved 

Pro Survival Tips for Ark Survival Evolved ARK

With a good and strong game strategy, you would stay in the ARK world long. Check out these useful tips that would help you play better. 

1.Try using tame groups 

Taming creatures as per your convenience and suitability is one of the basics that would help you survive long in the game. However, to make things organized, forming tame groups would help. A group can have teams of creatures to carry out certain activities. 

For example, a team of raptors in a group can be employed to defend a doedicurus as it is engaged in gathering stones. Similarly, a pack of wolves in a group can sabotage a certain area and kill all the animals seen in the vicinity. Once the wolves are done with their work, Hyaenodons can be sent out to gather the meat of the dead animals. This way, a tame group makes your work more systematic and easy. 

2.Tame everything that comes your way 

Be intelligent and tactful while taming a creature. Do your homework and know the difficulty levels of taming different creatures. As a beginner, you must keep your targets small and avoid eyeing big creatures. However, after you’ve elevated to the next level and become a pro, you can try your hands at bigger creatures. This is because you would have a lot of weapons and tools at hand that would help you in your endeavor. 


Every creature has some utility of the other, so tame whatever comes your way. The Ichthyosaurus are adept at traveling and exploring the waters at top speed. In contrast, the Quetzals help in carrying mass resources. The Doedicurus can efficiently harvest obsidian. 

The Rex is one of the most efficient and powerful dinosaurs of the dinosaur species. You will be lucky if you can tame a Rex, as it is a mammoth task to do the same. However, once it is under your control, you can fight against the fiercest predators. 

3.Have multiple gear sets 

This exciting and adventurous game has its set of challenges, too, especially as you progress. You begin as naive, then start making a base, acquiring tools, and taming animals. Once you’ve got a hold of the ARK world, the time has come to get to the next level. You would have to step out of your safe zone, gather more materials, and even attempt to tame dinosaurs and other dangerous species. This is interesting but involves a lot of risks as well.

So, make sure you have backup gear stocked near your bed if you’ve built one. If you are fatally wounded in the battle, then when you respawn, you will have the gears to give you support. If there isn’t any gear, you may have to start from scratch and get into the tedious task of adding gears. 

4.Protect your dwelling

Setting up a strong base is one of the prerequisites of this game. The most dangerous and crucial time for attacks is night. It is then that you have predators roaming all over the place. So, you must construct spike walls around where you have set the base. That might require some extra effort from your end to collect the large amount of wood needed for the purpose. The good thing is that it would keep you safe and protected. For more protection, you could even set bear traps in places close to your dwelling where the chances of attacks are high. Turrets are another set of defense equipment that are used to attack players and even wild or tame creatures.

5.Manage your time well 

You have plenty to do here, from setting a base to taming creatures, collecting tools and weapons, and aiming at bigger predators. However, there could be time constraints if you don’t manage things well. For example, if you have given a Brontosaurus the task of gathering berries, assign a Stegosaurus to carry them. In this way, you could save a lot of time and get opportunities to explore other avenues. 

6.Aim for taming Parasaurs

Once you’ve crossed the beginner’s level and become a pro in the game, your job is to tame creatures with increased utility. The parasur is one of them. These mighty creatures can frighten smaller enemies forcing them to flee from the spot. Moreover, they are great pack animals, good at transporting a lot of materials and people too from one place to the other. 

7.Avoid the Water as a Beginner, but Explore it as a Pro 

When you have insufficient resources and gear at the beginning, it is always advised to avoid the water. However, once you are equipped with weapons and have even tamed some of the most efficient deep-sea explorers, like the Ichthyosaurus and Megalodon, there is no looking back. The water could be a hub or useful resource, and you can explore some of the powerful creatures as well. 

Besides these tips, you should know about the several Ark hacks that would help you remain strong on the battlefield. HAPPY GAMING!