Are you thinking about having fun this weekend along with improving your productivity? Then do not worry. All you need to know is about indoor games. They are excellent for maintaining sound mental health along with physical health. The best part of indoor games is that you can play Indoor games at ease either at home or club as compared to outdoor games. In this city of Indoor gaming, we will discuss various indoor games. Here are a few picks of indoor games that will make your weekend healthy and memorable.

Our Top Picks Of Best Indoor Games:

1.Carrom Board


While you take a break this weekend, try to feel the nostalgia of some childhood memories!

Carom word is believed to have been originated in Timor in Southeast Asia and brought to Malabar Coast of India by Portuguese. There are no written records available regarding the origination of the game but most people track its origins to Indian sub-continent while others find cords of the game to Portugal and Burma as well.

Carom board is popularized game throughout South Asian countries of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Now it’s likeliness have moved across continents to America and Europe and many leagues are played at national and international levels.

Carom is a board game that can be played up to 4 people. Standard carom board is 74 cm square board made up of plywood having four holes in each of its corners. Main part of the game is carrom. These are 19 pieces small disks made from wood or plastic and are white and black in colour. carrom is pushed in to hole of the board with Striker that is a bit bigger and heavier than another carrom. Important element of Carom is queen. Pocketing of Queen adds 3 points in the total score of the player.

carrom are arranged on board by keeping the red queen in the centre and arranging whites around it to form Y as shown in the picture. In order to win you have to pocket all carrom along with queen before your opponent. Carom is a good game for improving concentration.

Carom is a simple game with no special equipment. What you need is aboard along with carrom, queen and striker. The actual price of the game varies according to the quality of the board. Price can range anywhere from $3-$200.




Foosball also is known as table soccer was invented by Harold Searles Thorton in 1921 and came to America in1950’s. By 1970s game had gained massive popularity throughout the world. International matches of foosball are conducted by International Table Soccer Federation from 2002.

Foosball is immensely popular in European and American countries. Foosball hampers players from staying still in the same direction. You have to stay concentrated and continuously moving. This boosts mental and physical benefits.


Much like in an actual game of football, this game also intents to score by throwing the ball in the opponent’s goal. Length of standard foosball table is 120 cm whereas its width is 61 cm. Setup of the game has a total of 8 rods. Each team has to operate 4 rods having 13 footmen on them. Footmen have defined roles of goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders and strikers. Toss determines which team will play first. The ball is introduced in the field by either side opening or through the hand. Players will have to play a total of 9 games. Team scoring first 5 goals will be the winner. Rules of the game vary to a large extent but only major rule common in this game is that no 360-degree rotation is allowed.

The efficiency of the game widely depends on the type of table used for playing games. Mini foosball purchase range can start from $ 20 and go till $ 4000 for professional apparatus.

3.Table Tennis:

Table Tennis finds traces of its origin from England back in the 20th century. Table Tennis ranks among the top 10 sports in the world. It is a worldwide popular game but is more crazily followed in Europe and Asia, particularly in China and Japan.

Table Tennis is not a complicated game. You just need to have a ball, table and rackets and there you go. The standard ball used in-game is 2.7-gram polymer ball, having a diameter of 40 mm. White or orange coloured balls are officially used in table tennis tournaments. Standard Tables are made from wood and are nine feet long and five feet wide. Game is played with wooden rackets that are usually covered with rubber on one or more sides


The game usually starts with a toss or quick rally that decides who will serve the ball first. The player who wins toss gets to decide whether he will serve the ball or receive the ball and gets to decide on which side of the ping pong table he wants to play. When the server launches the ball in the game towards the receiver, he has to hit the ball back towards the server. If he is unable to do so then the opponent player will get advantage and score a point. Game is mostly restricted to 11 points and player scoring first mostly wins the game.

You can enjoy this intoxicating game either at home or in a club. Club membership will roughly cost you around $90. In order to play at home, you will have to buy a table tennis table, a ball, and rackets which can cost you a minimum of $220. The more professional you want to play, expenses for equipment will rise.


Electrifying game of snooker evolved in England. British soldiers in India liked to spend their free time playing snooker in the 1870s. Snooker became popular after World War 2.



Snooker can be played between two people. Main apparatus of the game includes a table, balls, and cue sticks. Snooker table has 6 pockets and is filled in with a green cloth. There are 22 balls including one white ball that is a striker ball, 15 red balls, and one ball each of yellow, green, brown,  blue, pink and black. Balls have a particular pyramid arrangement on a snooker table. Game is played with cue sticks. Balls are pocketed in particular order. Firstly, all red balls are struck and then non-red balls. Pocketing of the red ball means the addition of one point, yellow ball means two points, green has 3 points, brown stands for 4, the blue ball has 5 points, pink has 6 and black is the cherry topping of a game having highest 7 points. Toss is used to decide who goes first in-game. Snooker game requires to submerge all coloured balls in particular order before the opponent. Game is played up till 3 frames.

Getting snooker membership in club costs $10-$15 annually and some cents for playing for particular minutes or hours.


This is a purely American invented game that was formulated by James Naismith in 1891. If you have access to basketball court then go ahead without 2nd thought because this is a must-play game. Basketball is played between two teams, each team having 5 players. The objective of the game is to score by throwing the ball into the basket on the opponent’s side. Basketball demands a lot of physical work thus health benefits attached to this game are surplus.

This breath-taking game is most popular in the United States i.e. the country where it originated, Philippines, China, Australia.

Unlike most indoor games this game does not require any board. This game is played indoors with a ball. Official area of the court is 50*94 feet rectangle with basketball hoops at both ends of the court. Basket is mounted at a height of 10 feet from the ground.

Game is played while dribbling a basketball and is controlled by Naismith’s five basic rules. According to this rule, sport is played with large and light ball, no running with the ball is allowed and there should be no personal contact between players. During the game, anyone can get a hold of the ball, and take it to opponents basket for scoring a goal. In basketball, usually, two points are awarded for a single goal. A number of points given can vary with the distance of the player from a basket or different leagues may have their own system of points given for each goal.

Membership cost of the club for playing basketball varies but is mostly around $15.