The world’s most expensive mobile number, 666 6666, sold at auction in Qatar for 10 million Qatari Riyals (£1.5 million).
The auction, which was part of a charity event, was organised back in 2006 by national telecommunications corporation Qtel, with the beastly number sold to an anonymous buyer.

While 666 is referred to as the Number of the Beast – a sign of the devil – in Christian and anti-Christian cultures, the number represents the creation and perfection of the world in Kabbalistic Judaism because according to the religion the world was created in six days and there are six cardinal directions – up, down, north, south, east and west.
But whatever your beliefs, there’s no denying that 666 6666 is one hell of an expensive mobile number!

“Qtel has a long track record of innovative campaigns for the local community and we are very proud to have the mobile number auction commemorated this way,” Qtel’s executive director of group communications Adel Al Mutawa said.

 Chinese’s most expensive mobile Number: 8888 8888

The previous world record holder was Chinese number 8888 8888, which sold for £270,000. It was bought by Sichuan Airlines.
Having seven sixes as your mobile number can have many people labelling you as the Antichrist, but interpretations actually vary across cultures.

 India’s most expensive mobile Number: 9780000000

It seems the born rich attitude of the Gen X needs to be polished with the evolving treasures equipping the minds of the elite class. There have been talks about luxurious products viz. painting worth $2.1 million, Charlie Chaplin’s elite camera, Crystal-made museum, most expensive house in US, World’s most-expensive hotel , even lavish dog house that invited eyeballs.But a lad called Amit Malhotra, resident of Ludhiana in India seems to have a big heart that he borrowed money to meet his luxurious needs. Yes, this crazy guy has spent Rs1.5 million ($32,000) for getting a mobile number (9780000000).True, the hunt for getting an exotic number that even enters into deaf ears is years old but the big deal about this number is it has become most-expensive mobile number ever sold in India.