The importance of correct part marking technology have assumed huge importance in today’s world where original equipment manufacturers consider it paramount to be able to identify their product from the possible hundred other variants out there. In a market riddled with counterfeit products and shady companies solely relying on established brands to duplicate them and cheat unsuspecting customers, it is a matter of reputation for established players to ensure they have a process that allows them to keep track of which is which. Some of the popular marketing technologies include, but is not limited to

  • Laser marking
  • Dot peen
  • Electrochemical itching
  • Inkjet printing

The 7 Best Things About Laser Marking Technology1



Although each of them comes with its own share of merits and demerits, one needs to choose a technology where the merits outweigh the demerits considerably. The need for a reliable and effective marking technology has never been so potent and manufacturers seem to have finally found a solution in Laser Marking Technology because of its high precision marking ability and durability.

There are different technologies of laser marking available and each of it has its own unique application depending on the material on which marking is required and operational conditions. They are

  • Annealing
  • Colour change/ frothing
  • Colour / material removal
  • Carbonizing
  • Engraving

The 7 Best Things About Laser Marking Technology

Laser marked

Here are the best seven things about Laser Marking technology that makes it an immediate favorite for manufacturers

  1. Faster and flexible marking: Contrary to popular perception, laser marking can be completed in a matter of minutes depending on the material being marked and the kind of marking required. One of the unique advantages of laser marking is that it offers infinite possibilities when it comes to patter and design of the marking required. Since laser and highly precise and the marking machines are calibrated for the minutes curves and bends, laser marking can be used to achieve almost any design imaginable. This cannot be said for most of the other marking technologies which border between obstinate and inflexibility most of the times.


The 7 Best Things About Laser Marking Technology2

  1. No undesirable substance produced: The main drawback associated with most marking technologies is the undesirable by products that are produced as part of the marking operation. This often results in a situation where the marking operation can defile the original product which is often an undesirable result. Due to the application of software-controlled automated laser process, laser marking doesn’t create anything more than what is required.


  1. Long-lasting: This is a given in most marking technologies, but even more so in the case of laser marking. Since lasers are high energy light beams, the impression they leave are forever. This when directed through a highly fine tuned automated process can leave perpetual impressions. This is why most electronic parts manufactured have gradually made the transition to laser marking. It is both precise and long lasting.

The 7 Best Things About Laser Marking Technology3


  1. Affordable: The installation charges and the cost of the machine & associated equipments might consist of a considerable overlay, but in the long run, a laser marking machine will prove to be affordable by any measure. Most of the laser marking machines comes with a life time warranty and lengthy service periods making it a viable alternative to other marking technologies that require constant service and replacement. The sheer number of options available out there makes it a highly competitive market with manufacturers trying to offer the customers that extra something which will win the order for them.


  1. Minimal consumables: A laser marking machine uses no consumables, hence the operating cost associated with the technology is minimal compared to its alternative.


  1. Durable: Owing to its excellent mark quality and maintenance free nature, laser marking is easily the most durable marking solution of the lot.


  1. Almost no after-service required: Even though the capital cost involved in setting up a laser marking unit in your company may be high compared to an ink jet or dot peen or chemical itching marking technology, the operating cost associated with it is not even a fraction of the other. Most original equipment manufacturers set up their marking units with more importance on the operating cost rather than the capital involved. In this scenario, laser marking technology wins hands down!

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