In this era, car chargers are getting better day by day. Zus by Nonda is one of the car chargers already which is very popular online. Zus is a German made car charger and the main attractive thing about it is the ‘military grade quality. Zus smart charger can bear the heat because of the high temperature standards and there may not be any problem faced for many years. This Zus smart charger review shall make you understand that why it is a must have device for those who carry all their gadgets while travelling.


 Looks Amazing

This charger won’t disappoint you looks-wise and you may get impressed with it immediately. Titanium coating makes the surface look very appealing. Zus USB charger comes with elegant shine lightning which is an attractive feature. You may find the car charger to be heavy, but it is definitely compact. Even after comparing it with other popular chargers, you might find that Zus USB charger is really one of the best options as it has a very good design.

 Blazing Fast Charging

You might get bored in your car if you’re not able to listen to songs or go through videos especially when struck in traffic. Zus comes with 2X charging speed (4.8A) which makes it a better option than many other car chargers available online. By making use of Zus USB car charger, you can charge two iPhone 6s in just 2 hours which is very less time as other chargers take around 3 to 4 hours. Zus charger takes 3.75 hours only for charging two iPad Air 2 which is definitely unbelievable for many. Even Android smartphones get charged really very fast when Zus smart charger is used.

 Find Your Car Easily Using the Zus App

One of the best things about Zus charger is that it saves the car location automatically. You’ll need to install Zus App in your smartphone for finding your car. Zus App will guide you to the exact position of your car and this may definitely save up your time. Car location tracing function doesn’t work when the car is parked in a multi-storey or underground parking lot.

Zus makes use of GPS for tracking the car. Users get the notification that ‘Zus saved your car location’ while getting out of the car which is a very useful feature.

 Double Lifespan

You may not want to invest money again and again for buying a car charger. Zus car charger comes with the special in-built Zus cooling system which makes the car charger stay cool even if it is used for charging regularly. Checking out the lab testing results will give you a good idea that how the Zus cooling system increases the lifespan of the Zus USB smart charger. Another reason why this car charger lasts very long is that it is made using the German Bayer material.

There are 2 smart USB charging ports provided in this charger. Zus charger by Nonda comes with Low Energy Bluetooth which will allow you to establish its connection with your smartphone easily.

 Nonda Zus Smart Charger Review - Is It the Best Car Charger

Nonda Zus Smart Charger Review – Is It the Best Car Charger


Titanium coating makes Zus USB smart charger look very attractive. This coolest car device which does the function of car finder as well as USB car charger is priced $29.99 only. It comes with 12 month warranty which is something you may definitely like. Do let us know that whether you’re going to prefer Zus smart car chargers over the other car chargers available online.

 Nonda Zus Smart Charger Review - Is It the Best Car Charger-Buy-Now