Pregnancy is one of the most critical phases in the life of any woman. With the baby in the womb, every wannabe mother cares for her unborn baby and ensures his healthy life. The medical industry is innovating and inventing new technology. Thus, helping parents and doctors to know the well-being of the unborn child. Thyrocare’s Matrnity Tests are designed to know everything about the health of an unborn baby. With all of the tests that gynecologists suggest, Thyrocare’s Matrnity test suite is suitable for all of the pregnant women. 

Thyrocare is a well-known brand in the medical tests sector, which offers a wide variety of medical tests option for the patients. Tests like Blood Test, Cancer Test, Semen Test, CBC, Thyroid Test, and many others, Thyrocare is a market leader. After Recognizing the lack of medical tests for Pregnant women, Thyrocare launched the Matrnity brand, which encompasses all the prenatal screening tests that ensure the health and safety of the unborn baby. Do you want to assess the risks of chromosomal disorders in your unborn baby? Do you want to check how the baby is doing inside the womb? Everything is possible if you take the prenatal tests from Matrnity, a brand from Thyrocare.

Prenatal Tests Available on Matrnity 

matrnity-the best-platform-for-booking-prenatal-screening-tests

matrnity-the best-platform-for-booking-prenatal-screening-tests

#1 – NIPT or Non-Invasive Prenatal Screening Test 

NIPT is one of the most potent prenatal screening tests because it is useful to identify the risks of chromosomal disorders in the unborn child. This test helps the doctors to understand if the child is at risk of genetic disorders. Most common disorders are Down syndrome, Edwards syndrome, and Patau syndrome. This test will help doctors to understand the health of an unborn child.

#2 – Antenatal Screening Test 

Doctors RecommendAntenatal screen test in the early stages of pregnancy. In this test, pathologists check for serum levels and share the results accordingly. With this test, the doctors can understand if the unborn child is at risk for chromosomal disorders after birth. Most of the times, Doctor recommend Antenatal Screen in the First and Second trimester. 

#3 – Pregnancy MABC 

Just like the health of the unborn child, the health of the mother is essential. Because, if the mother is not healthy, the baby can’t grow inside the womb. That’s why the Pregnancy MABC test is vital to know if the mother is healthy or not. Doctors may recommend this test anytime in the nine months of pregnancy.

Final Words provides all of the prenatal tests related to pregnancy. This makes it easier for expecting mothers to get all of the tests. In the Pregnancy Period, there are tons of tests to understand the growth of the unborn child. To prevent any health-related complications, no one should avoid pregnancy tests that doctors recommend.