Everyone likes to shop online for different items but when it comes to payment people are afraid of the scams online. Everyone knows that internet is full of scams and thefts but on the other hand there re plenty of ways that you can use to have a happy shopping experience. One such website is PayOnDelievery.Com; on this website you can also sell your items. For selling you will need a picture of the item, weight the box items and also display the measurements. This will help your item completing the listing process more rapidly otherwise it will take plenty of time. There are plenty of benefits that you will get with the website.



Benefits that you will get

When you have secure method for shipping you can feel more confident about your purchase. With the help of the website customers will get the safest method to pay for their items. You can pay for the item after you get delivery at your doorstep. The website also provides you with the validation time for twenty four hours.

If you are not satisfied with the product you can send back the item through the website without paying anything. Whether you are bringing or sending the item back there are no shipping charges included.  The website offers the safest method overselling and purchasing your item and you can assure your safety with them. All your personal information is kept secret and nothing is shared with the partners or others.

 Sell out faster

Selling old items is a quite challenging process but not with PayOnDelievery. Your items are sold on the major platforms such as eBay. The payments are also guaranteed.  When your products are sold on the websites your funds are delivered to you within twenty four hours. All your items that are for selling are listed on the website and with your consent these items are shared on the social networks. When you share your items on the social media means you get access to more potential clients.

Websites takes your entire burden after you hand over your products on the website. It is guaranteed that your products will be sold and you are going to get good value for your items. There is no need to worry for scams on the website.  Your items are sold on some of the most popular websites.

How transactions work?

  • The transaction process will begin when seller  will make offer with buyer
  • Then offer is selected by buyer
  • The website will place payment hold until the products are delivered to the buyers , this protects buyers from dishonest sellers
  • Then it is the time for shipment  and seller prints the shipping labels
  • The seller will drop the package at shipping location
  • Buyer will receive package
  • The seller is now paid and help payments are then paid through transactions.

This is the most effective way with which both buyers as well as sellers stay away from the thefts and scams.