iPhone 5 as Apple’s flagship product in September this year, a grand listed, although exposed a lot of door event so this machine controversial, but still can not stop the buying spree of the users. But the Taiwan media exposed the next generation iPhone 5 the upcoming trial production at the end of the year.

This broke the news seems to be still hesitating whether to buy the iPhone 5 friends back to reality, and began to consider the next generation iPhone, Apple will be playing what. Face there are still many problems in iPhone 5 users want Apple iPhone 5S perfect those features? Here is the update users expect from eWeek website listed 10 worth.

1. NFC
NFC (Near Field Communication) is one of the most require Apple to increase functionality. Apple has so far not provided this feature. Use NFC-enabled, users will be able to the wireless sharing data and information, with many new services, such as mobile payment. Recent reports that Apple is working with the Australian company negotiations NFC technology matters to future products. Hope the iPhone 5S can provide this function.

2. Better processor
Apple’s dual-core A6 processor is very good, but, iPhone 5S want to upgrade this processor. If we take a look at the mobile space, there are many devices are running 4-core processor. I hope Apple iPhone 5S own quad-core processor.

3. Improving the map
Map of Apple’s very bad. This application turned out to be the best alternative to Google map. However, Apple’s Maps application is really disappointing. Apple has promised in the coming months and years to improve the map application. If Apple is very smart, Apple iPhone 5S will significantly improve its Maps application.

4. More suitable for enterprise applications iOS
Apple’s iOS is now the sixth generation. The iOS for consumers has been friendly, but this is not apples to find some way to make iOS more suitable for enterprise applications? See the multi-user registration, enhanced IT control and better security features is a good thing.

5. More storage capacity
Apple iPhone 5 16GB, 32GB and 64GB storage options, Apple still living in 2008 World is changing. Users now require more storage than ever to deal with the application of large amounts of data in video, audio and various other needs. I hope Apple the iPhone 5S increase 128GB storage options.

6. Better hardware security
For business users, the improved hardware security should be a good feature to the iPhone 5S increase a. See smartphone applications onboard encryption technology is a good thing. Since the iPhone uses a touch screen, Apple can not increase bio-security technologies it? Taking into account the latest Apple patents related to the iPhone hardware security features, growth may not be too difficult.

7. Improved Retina Display
Apple’s retina display open mobile high Qingre. However, the competition is now better than Apple’s Retina Display.
For example, every inch of the Google Nexus 10 Tablet PC display more than 300 pixels, and the retina display only 264 pixels. Clearer display will be the iPhone 5S another selling point.

8. Is a good thing. Reduce the price of 32GB iPhone
As pointed out, Apple should improve the storage capacity of the iPhone product line. If Apple is doing, 16GB models will be eliminated. Do not have a price of $ 499 to 128GB of iPhone, Apple could 32GB iPhone price cut to $ 199, the 64GB is priced at $ 299, 128GB of iPhone sales price of $ 399. Apple’s current pricing is effective. The iPhone 5S should not change the current pricing.

9. Bundled Lightning adapter
Although Apple that migrate to the Lightning interface is necessary. However, Apple has decided to not use iPhone 5 the Lightning interface is a great insult. IPhone 5S, Apple should phone adapter.

10. Wireless charging feature would be nice
As Windows Phone 6 phone has proven wireless charging is the future. Therefore, why Apple does not accept the concept and in the iPhone 5S provide wireless charging function to it? Use of wires charge is enough.