Today, thousands of people are fond of blogging. This activity is on the rise for several decades because it helps writers in many ways. Some simply want to reveal what lies in their hearts and the others want to be helpful for other people. Finally, many bloggers write to earn money. They commonly work at big and small online companies that sell certain goods. A blogger is successful and earns a lot if he/she writes professional SEO blog posts.

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Joan is a multi-sided person. She is interested in sociology, technology, education, blogging, journalism, and writing. She also has one captivating passion. She adores teaching international students and reveals great pleasure when they progress. When the author is free of traveling and writing activities, she conducts language lessons on the Internet to help foreign people better comprehend English. This article explains how to write an SEO blog post in a professional way to make it popular among followers.

How to Write an SEO Blog Post Professionally



Read a Lot

As other people will read your blog posts, you should do the same. You should continuously enhance your knowledge and skills. Firstly, read relevant facts about the topics you commonly highlight. Secondly, find a highly reputed informative portal that provides smart tips, useful guides, and fresh news about the art of blog writing. You may be lucky to find a great site that provides samples, smart writing apps, and so on. Thus, your professionalism will be quickly improved.

Use Keywords

When it comes to writing any topic, you should obligatorily research the keywords. They are of huge importance because your potential readers will be able to find your posts using them. They may not yet know that they’ll come across your articles.

Every search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo) has popular keyword requests. For example, you have found this article thanks to the word combination “SEO blog post professionally” or “How to write an SEO blog post”. You should research the popular entries for the topics you highlight and equally spread them throughout the text. Your searching engine will automatically make your texts more popular.

Write Great Meta Titles and Descriptions

Make sure you write clear meta titles and descriptions. They play similar roles as keywords do. However, they are not seen in the text. They are seen by search engines. A meta title is almost a full reflection of the topic of your text. A meta description adds some crucial details that tell the readers what your blog post describes.

Consider Headings and Subheadings

Most users comprehend texts using their sight. The way a text is structured is important to them. Give special heed to headings and subheadings. Commonly, all bloggers use H1 at the beginning. Afterward, they use H2, H3, etc. Thus, you underline that a new section begins and it brings a new portion of information.

Define the Right Length

Pay attention to the length of your posts. It’s pretty hard to give a concrete answer to this matter. Different writers have different preferences. Besides, a search engine also places texts of a certain length higher than the others. For example, Google prefers texts that are 800-1000 words long. If you want to make your texts comprehensive and informative, you should write at least 800-word articles. If it’s possible, make them longer. Make sure that there are no watery and provide approved and interesting facts to your targeted audience.

Add Links

Your SEO blog posts are supposed to contain two kinds of links. The first kind is internal linking. These are the links that lead to other articles written by you or other bloggers from your company. Thus, you either remind your readers about some older stories or guide them to some new ones.

The second kind is external linking. They lead to other companies that are your partners. It’s a common practice to establish partnership relations and advertise one another. Make sure these are not your direct competitors. Otherwise, you harm yourself. For example, you may be writing articles about sports, nutrition, healthy lifestyle, etc. Your partner may be selling computers. There’s no room for competition between you.

Take Care of Readability

The readability of your texts is of huge importance. Even if the structure and subheadings are appealing, they don’t guarantee success. Perhaps your texts are very hard to read. Therefore, it makes sense to use a good tool that checks readability and indicates your mistakes. Most bloggers prefer a WordPress platform. If it’s so, you may try the Yoast SEO plugin or similar tools.

They use special parameters that are dependent on:

  • Grammar;
  • Plagiarism;
  • Stylistic;
  • Tone;
  • Spelling;
  • Lexicon, etc.

They underline your mistakes. Most of them are very smart and even suggest the correct variants. Using them, you’ll always know about some drawbacks and will be able to improve them to write flawless blogs.

Keep these tips in your memory and you will write a great blog post for SEO. They are universal and will help to become a better SEO blog writer regardless of your specialties and preferences. They will make out of you a perfect blogger who will be always in demand.