There are many times when as a student the thought of making some money or learning something new comes to the mind. At this very young age every student’s mind is full of new and unique ideas and there are many students who are always ready to come up with something new and interesting. Moreover there are students who love to read as well write and in fact there are many students who take part in essay writing competition in their schools.

For all such students there is this perfect option called as blogging is available and here are some of the top reasons on why every student must do blogging.

Students already have a targeted audience to write for

  • When a student writes something through a blog there are complete chances that he or she will be questioned by other students. It means there is a targeted audience already waiting to read something interesting and ready to ask questions based on their reading. Students as a blogger can easily tap this audience of theirs and generate enough traffic for their blog.

This way student is able to share their best practices

  • When cross questioning is being done there are chances that best practices will be shared. It is just like a team work where one student is helping another on how to excel in life as well as studies. It can also act as a great amount of confidence booster among them and a sense of helping nature is also earned.

Students are also able to contribute something to the society

  • By writing useful and educational thoughts and writings students are able to inspire more and more people and in this way they are actually contributing something to the society. It is just like a social cause.

They can earn good amount of money

  • One of the best parts about blogging is that you are paid for writing and hence as a student it really feels great when you earn some money. With this money you can buy new things and save some money for your future also. This habit helps them learn about how to save money and plan your future with the money earned. Moreover they are able to know about the value of hard earned money and they are going to start respecting what they are earning.

Motivation and confidence levels get a boost

  • When students write something good and gets appreciated for their efforts it act as a major confidence booster for them. Their motivation level also gets increased.

Students become well versed with computers

  • When you write a blog you add different audio and visual data to the blog and there are many computer basics that are applied and in this way student becomes well versed with computer which is actually good for their future.

Parents can easily keep track of their children performance

  • When students write different blogs these can be read by their parents and in this way they are also able to keep track of their children performance and are able to apply their thoughts on the overall improvement of their child in a much better way.

Students are able to learn more about technology and cyber-safety

  • With blogging students are able to learn more about the latest technologies as well as cyber safety. In this way they become more responsible while using computers and internet and the same thought is imparted to their counterparts with effective and knowledgably writings.

Their thinking becomes deeper

  • When students write different types of blogs they are able to generate more and more headlines for their blogs. Sometimes they have to think deeper to search for unique and interesting topics and this way their brain becomes more active and grows much better.

Everything that is written is permanently stored and can be retrieved later

  • Whatever students are going to write can be permanently stored and can be retrieved later in the future. This can prove to be helpful while showcasing your work while searching for job after the school and college days.

So what you are waiting for just get ready with positive thoughts in your mind and start blogging.