Minecraft is a game for creatives to collect various items and even craft some of them. It’s quite easy to collect various items and craft the things that help you in the gameplay. The fishing rod is one of the most common types of object in the game that the users can use to catch the fish. With the fishing rods, the users can catch the fish to get the meat and feed their animals or themselves. It’s one of the important parts of the gameplay mechanics, and millions of players are using them. 

There are two types of fishing rods in Minecraft. First is the regular fishing rod, which is used for certain cycles. The second one is the enchanted fishing rod, which is unique and quite rare. You can enchant the regular fishing rod to make it a special one with the extra powers. If you have broken the fishing rod in this game, then don’t worry. You can easily repair the fishing rod in Minecraft, which will help you to restore it to the previous state and enjoy its features and special powers. In this post, we will share detailed information on how to repair fishing rods in Minecraft.

Do Enchanted Fishing Rod Break in Minecraft?

Yes, the enchanted fishing rods will break after you take your hands off of them for a few seconds. Thus, you should be careful not to accidentally fling an enchanted fishing rod into lava or deep water. But if it does get destroyed, then you can use an anvil to repair or combine enchantments.

Also, the Mending charm on the Enchanted Fishing Rod in Minecraft will keep healing the same. But when the durability cost becomes zero, it will break, and you have to take measures to fix the same. It can be easily repairable, but it’s advised not to do anything that will break the fishing rod in the first place. 

How to Repair Fishing Rod in Minecraft? 

The rule of repairing in Minecraft is pretty simple. The users have to make the two items of the same style and then combine them in the anvil or grindstone. That will create a new item that will have double the power. After that, the Mending process will help you turn the item into the original power with the enchanting and the other powers. 

#1 – Create a new Fishing Rod 

First of all, you have to create a new fishing rod in the crafting table. With the three blocks of iron and five ingots of steel, you can create a new fishing rod. The new fishing rod will not have any power but will work just like any other fishing rod. 

#2 – Combine the Broken Enchanted Rod 

Now, you have to combine the two fishing rods, with the first one being the broken enchanted fishing rod in Minecraft and the other being the regular fishing rod that you’ve just created. Once you combine both of them, it will lose the enchantments and special powers. 

#3 – Enchanting the Rod 

With several spells and enchantments, you can easily make your rod like a new one. The most common enchantment for the fishing rod is Mending. This will restore the special powers and keep regenerating health by utilizing your experience points. There are other enchantments like Curse of Vanishing, Unbreaking, Lure, and others that you can use. 

Once you do everything, you will have the working enchanted rod. That’s how you repair enchanted fishing rods in Minecraft. Make sure to have enough experience points that will help you to speed up the process. 

Final Words 

Fishing is an important activity in Minecraft, which will help users find various items for playing in the game. With the enchanted fishing rod, it becomes easier to progress faster in the game. The enchanted fishing rods in Minecraft have rare and special abilities, and you should not miss having the same. We tried our best to share detailed information about repairing an enchanted fishing rod in Minecraft in this post.