use to use computerSometimes, we are in need of connecting two computers for various purposes. There are quite a few ways of doing that. We can use it with USB devices, with Bluetooth devices, with LAN and with some other processes as well. But the most standard and commonly used thing to connect two computers with one another is USB device. It is a very simple and easy way. Whenever we are in need of transferring and sharing files between two computers, the USB-USB cable comes to work. There are so many different USB devices which can connect two computers. They may look different to each other, but the process and mechanism is always the same.

For connecting two PCs with one another, first you have to turn both the PCs on. Then log in the operating system, if it is windows, then you have to use administration privilege. The USB devices which can connect two computers have two ends having two USB ports. They are known as USB bridge cables.

This name is given because they create a bridge between two different computers. The bridge device’s one end should be inserted into the USB slot of one of the computers. At the same way the other side of the bridge USB should be inserted in the other computer. Now you need driver software in order to bridge the computers. Without proper software, you will not be able to connect the computers together because the computers will not let you do so.

The same USB bridge software should be installed in both the computers. Generally, you will be given the software with your USB bridge device when you purchase it. But if you do not have the software for connecting, you have no other choice but for buying or downloading the appropriate software. There is another fact about these softwares. All the softwares do not support any model of the USB bridge devices. So you should choose the software according to the model of your bridge device. When you will attempt to install your USB bridge software, then the computer will ask you to select an option. You should install it as link adapter or link adapter.

This will determine which things you can do with the dual connection. If the software is installed as link adapter, you cannot do anything without transferring the files from one PC to another. On the other hand, installing the software as network adapter will give you control over the functionality of the full network. After you have finished installing the software, both the computers will be connected to each other and you can start transferring data from one PC to another.

There are USB bridge devices of different prices. The average price of USB bridge devices is 35 dollars. You can get an average rated USB bridge device in that price. But if you are able to pay a little more, you can also buy the top class USB bridges.