Due to the emergence of large threats in recent days, BitDefender has launched a new generation of tools to remove the top 100 free malware threats. Users have several channels to download tools company security. This is completely free version of best antivirus BitDefender. Of course it has some limited function as compared to the premium versions like Antivirus, Internet Security or Total security version.

 Companies security stress the importance of tools users has security appropriate for their teams. Much of computer attacks could be avoided if users were available measures of security appropriate, and BitDefender to contribute to the awareness of users in this area offering some of your solutions for free. You can download free antivirus from the official website. No need to purchase any license for same. You just need to put your name and email ID and name while downloading the program. Based on the innovative technologies of scanning and disinfection of the company, these tools are designed to protect users against threats that are currently most active and dangerous of the Network.

Now suppose you don’t have any antivirus installed in your system and wants to scan some small files for virus infection then? What you can do? The simple way is to use any online free virus scanner. As it’s not okay to purchase any online scanner just for one time scanning task. BitDefender provides free online scanner. Installing any bulky antivirus and activating it over internet takes some time and if you are in hurry, then it will be most irritating task ever.


This toolkit will be updated on a daily basis, including those needed to eliminate new solutions, at all times, the hundred most active malware worldwide. This free malware scanner can scan and remove almost all types of viruses from your system and files. This tool can eliminate a wide variety of infections from Trojans and worms to malware ‘rootkit’. There is also a revised interface that provides ease of use and improved appearance.

The head of BitDefender’s antimalware laboratory, Viorel Canja, said: “Users who do not have an anti-malware solution have a higher risk of your computer finishes infected. Also, if you have become victims, could infect their friends or other computers connected to the Internet. The recent publicity about TDL4 highlights the need to ensure that users are protected, and these removal tools allow people to protect your computer against the most active threats and harmful. ”


You can go for the BitDefender premium version too. It will bring most advance security for your computer and online transactions including credit card details and net banking.