The Antivirus software program has various ways to detect the virus and malware programs. They are essential for protecting your computer from virus and malware attacks. Also, data theft protection is one of the main reasons you should install popular antivirus and antimalware software programs. Sometimes, the antivirus programs get confused and give false-positive results. Such results are false, and the harmless files are considered the virus and malware. People always ask us if Win32 Malware-gen a virus? 

Well, that’s what the False positive looks like. If your Antivirus and Antimalware software program is showing Win32 Malware-gen as a virus, then you are at the right place. In this post, we are going to share detailed information if win32 malware-gen is a virus or not. With this information, you can decide if the Win32 Malware-gen is a virus or not and take the appropriate decision. 

Is win32 malware Gen a virus? How to remove? Easy Method


What is a Virus? 

A virus is a computer program meant to destroy the computer operating system or infect important files. It’s very dangerous to get the computer infected by viruses and malware programs. Virus and Malware programs are from the same category, and they will act as the backdoor to your computer. With the backdoor, the hackers can infiltrate your system and also steal the data. The antivirus and antimalware programs can easily detect such malicious programs and help you protect the computer. 

What is Win32:Malware-gen? 

Win32:Malware-Gen is the core heuristics in the antivirus and antimalware programs, which indicates the malicious trojan horse. The Trojan horse is a type of malware disguised as a genuine software program but works as a malicious program. The file detected with the Win32:Malware-gen message can be a malicious program or a harmless file, which is detected as malware accidentally. 

You have to take the warnings seriously most of the time, as the Trojan horse programs are disguised as the normal program files. So, it’s better to take a closer look at the files and then proceed further to remove or keep the files. 

How Dangerous is a Trojan Horse with Win32:Malware-Gen warning? 

The trojan horse programs are commonly used to look for the system files, allow the hackers to get backdoor entry, and download the other adware and spyware programs silently. It’s pretty dangerous to get this message while scanning your system through the preferred software program. Here are a few things that Malware and Spyware can do to your system while running silently in disguise as a regular software program. 

  1. Record the Keystrokes and Steal the Passwords for sensitive sites
  2. Find and Submit the sensitive files to the hackers for extortion. 
  3. Install third-party software programs and adware programs to show ads while you use your computer. 
  4. Record the videos using the webcam. 
  5. Crypto mining in the background causes system slowdown or breakdown. 

What to Do with the Files Detect with Win32.Malware-Gen Message? 

Win32 Malware-gen message indicates that the file is a trojan horse malware as detected by the antimalware software. It’s important to delete the file immediately to prevent any kind of damage. But, sometimes, many of the system files are detected as false positives, so it’s essential to first check for the file name and then decide if that’s your file, system file, or a third-party file that you don’t know. 

In short, you should always do the first check and then remove the WIn32 Malware Gen virus from your system. 

Final Words 

People often get confused and ask, “Is Win32 Malware Gen a Virus?”. Well, it might be a dangerous virus that you should immediately remove with the preferred antivirus program. But if you think the file detect as the virus is important and might not be the virus, you should double-check the file with the third-party virus checker websites and then decide to remove or keep it. In our opinion, not taking a risk and removing the file is the better option.