The title actually lives up with the way DealGuru works. Anyway, tell us why you prefer to visit many places? The reason is quite obvious; just to ensure better quality and product. This was the reason when no online marketing was there, and it is still the same with loads of commercial sites. Difference is that you were visiting shop to shop then, and now you are visiting from one site to the other, or visiting both sites and stores (in case you are too greedy). Visiting store to store might be somewhat interesting in market, but site to site is extremely hectic we don’t need to explain.


What’s wrong with others over the web?

Now let’s make it clear how DealGuru is not included within the conventional online markets. The WWW marketing got established as they tagged unbelievable price with their products. However, many issues are there with these sites. The cases like poor quality, late delivery, cheatings in terms of payments, returning issues appeared in the picture. But, the biggest factor is that they can only be able to make you available with similar products and similar price. Though they are discounted, but almost no chance of competition or any scope of further discount can be expected.

DealGuru has become able to identify this, and what a concept has been applied by it in return! As we have said above this is a complete package. Check it how.

How it offers the best price

DealGuru is primarily the place where the brand items in the stores, those don’t get a place are placed. Looking at the competitive market the companies have to present variety, and hence they have no place for the products even though they are branded. It means they are in a hurry to sell at, and they have no choice but to tag discounted price. Now DealGuru targets the disappointed users those couldn’t get a chance to have it in rush. As team DealGuru is a huge network, the competition is obvious, and the price has to be the minimal.

How it offers the best quality

On this context, we would rather say you can even expect better quality than the stores. Ok, Things will be clearer when we reveal the whole process. DealGuru along with AskMeBazaar make a really strong network. They gather the stores, or products of the way we have mentioned above. The sellers assign a price. The entire collection is then put under quality test prior being made available at the site.
Again, AskMeBazaar itself remains responsible for making the snap and product description available at the site. It means there is no chance for unauthorized stuffs.

How it offers the best variety


Starting from the fashion products, cosmetics, apparels, gadgets, storage devices, to bags, shoes and many others, all are available with a great variety here. The statistics of about thousand brand association, along with about nine hundred sellers tells the complete story regarding the platform’s success and variety.
Big Names are associated as well:
The trust reaches a new high when there is a trustable; big name is associated with it. The bollywood diva Kangana Ranaut campaigning for the platform has already gone viral. What more do you want?