The internet possibilities are endless and the number of websites that every day are in the run for getting high rank among the first ten, if not at least the most desirable rank that can later be number one on the Google results, are also endless. The higher rank you have, more visitors will come to your website and you earn more money. Getting this high rank on Google is another run that you must do every day, and that is building high quality backlinks. These backlinks, most of the time, come from highly respected websites and Google is the one who gives them this respect. You will also wish to get this privilege for your site. Google treats this backlinks like votes for your website. The more votes you have, higher is the place you get.


Building backlink is easy but it’s not a one day activity. It takes your time and a lot of effort. First of all, for great success you need good content on your website that you will update regularly. And of course a nicely designed and attractive layout is a must. Google really likes original contents and if you have it, Google will award you with extra points for that uniqueness. Second step is having friends on the internet, by this I mean having backlinks from high rank pages. To build this backlinks you need to start doing a bit of research in the internet. Then visit these high ranked sites and search for an eye catching subject. Send them a personal e mail and from the beginning use their name and give them a sign that you appreciate their high rank, and you would like to contribute for free to their website.


Once you get a positive response, write good and original article and provide a link from your own website at the end of the article, don’t put the link in the body of the article unless it’s connected to the topic that you are writing on. If they are happy with your work they would want to keep this cooperation and you can build a network with people, and with backlinks from internal pages linking to your site. This way both of the sides are happy, they are satisfied with good quality free content and you win good quality backlinks for your website. These are the easiest and the most efficient methods for building backlinks which many new york seo agencies are using and getting you that “top ten” place on Google.


Shria Francis is an SEO Expert who has recently joined Synqk.