Getting listed in the first page of Google is the most incredible accomplishment, but it is not that easy to get. There are many things which you will have to do and your efforts are not going to end here. Everyone is doing their best to get their websites to the top so do not fall behind while everyone is making necessary changes to get noticed. Here are a few tips that are going to help you in attracting the most attention to get to the top.

Relevant and unique page titles

You can a use as many characters as you can make a unique title; this is going to do the trick. A good character will range from 50-65 characters. Google search results are really going to make your total notice.  The pixel width of your title should be noticeable because the letters and words such as W and A won’t be able to fit the characters. Google completely goes to ignore anything that will cross the limit 70 and will be a long title tag error in the webmaster tool of Google.

URLs should search friendly

The bonus is great and in case your domain name is having a targeted keywords, then it will be great, however do not go out of your budget as getting these types of domain names are expensive as well as difficult to buy.  There are many times when you can get caught up in the exact match domain algorithm. You can use permalinks and search engines  that  are user friendly  and make your listing more  relevant  such as / amazing-web page/. URLs like paged=652 do not have anything to say so it is   not going to help you in your ranking.

Attracting Meta descriptions

There is no effect of the Meta descriptions in your rankings, however here you are going to get a chance to encourage your visitors to click on your links over your other competitors. The description should range from one hundred to fifty characters and it is important that you use them wisely. Anything that is longer or shorter will result in an error and it will be reported to the Google webmaster tool. Describe what the services are and page is about   and then you can ask the users to for CTA that is called to action.

Google authorship

This is the most effective way that will make your search results stand out d from the others and it will be good in case no one else is doing it. If you  will Google  anything  related to SEO  than SERPs  are prepared  with different faces, however in this industry, it is less tech savvy  like real estate and  construction  and you can   be the only one  with the face in the search results.

These are the few tips that are going to help you in enhancing your rankings in the search engines. There is a huge competition out there and you will have to make efforts to get your rankings on the top and above mentioned tips are going to help you a lot.

Author Bio:Sonika has been associated with a lot of reputed online marketing companies. She also writes articles about SEO and Internet Marketing Services India to share her knowledge.