The web loves bodybuilders and fitness. Most of us use the internet as a place to get information, and often this information will pertain to our lifestyles. If you want to improve your happiness and your lifestyle then you turn to Google, which is why so many people are able to make huge money from self-help books.

As fitness is such a visual thing and such a universal concept, this is an area that is very easy to monetise online. If you’re a bodybuilder, personal trainer or fitness fanatic then, you can stand to make a lot of money from the demand for self-help online and potentially even give up your day job. Here are some ways to achieve just that.

Sell Training Programs

One way to make money online as a personal trainer is to sell training programs. Using your own body as your main selling tool, you can then promise to share your secrets and to talk clients into shape over e-mail or web cam, and potentially keep a very good profit margin. A great place to start is on Fiverr where a number of people sell programs that they manage to produce en-masse. Here you can develop contacts and potentially become a personal trainer full-time.

Sell Books

Likewise you can also similarly use the appeal of muscle in order to sell ebooks on fitness. eBooks are again brilliant in that they have no overheads and don’t even require delivery. Set up a landing page with a PayPal checkout that e-mails the link to your buyers and this will be a completely passive way to make money. Better yet, pay for some PPC advertising (pay per click) and you can scale up your business too – put your profits into marketing and you will gain more customers thus allowing you to increase turnover and profit even more!

Run a YouTube Channel

You have the body to catch people’s eyes, so if you have the charisma and the speaking voice too then you could always consider setting up a YouTube channel where you can teach people about fitness or about self improvement in general. There are a number of highly successful YouTube channels around focussing on fitness, and if you gain enough viewers you can turn a nice profit through advertising or by selling a product of your own and using the videos to promote it.

Better yet, if you have a YouTube channel then you may find that other opportunities come from it. I myself have starred in a short documentary, been approached to audition for an advert and been sent a range of products to review. You never know, this may just be what launches your acting career!

Run a Blog

If you don’t have the speaking voice then running a blog is another way to turn your fitness knowledge into a source of income. There are tons of personal trainer website templates to get you started while tools like WordPress make maintaining your site easier than ever.

Author Bio:The author of this post is Nancy Baker, a freelance blogger who writes for Bodysite Builder, a website for massage therapists. She is very passionate about health and fitness and she loves to share her opinions through her articles.You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.