There are many facets of the online store that contribute to its success. Among these, your shipping methods and tools can play a pivotal role in your net income each month. While a few cents here and there may not seem like a lot, it can quickly add up. In order to maintain a strong online presence for eCommerce, you need to focus some attention on your shipping process.

5 Shipping Tools Any Online Store Must Have

Variable Package Sizes

Always have the correct sizes of your packages before you sell the product. Oversized envelopes or boxes can get the product out the door, but you could be spending as much as $0.50 per sale or more in extra shipping costs. This includes the price of the packaging as well as additional weight.

Wide Selection of Shipping Methods

Not everyone will want to use your prefered shipping method. Consumers can base whether or not to buy from you simply because of the company you use for shipping. As eCommerce design allows you to add a variety of methods, you can meet the demands of these consumers by giving them what they want at checkout.

Routinely Calibrated Scale

A scale that provides accurate weights can save you an incredible amount of money. As many shipping methods provide an online discount, pre-printing postage accurately requires a good scale. Otherwise, your customers could be paying additional costs when picking up the package or you could receive an additional bill from the shipping company.

Packing Slip Pouch

The packing slip pouch is very cost effective and will save you a great deal of time and stress. This self-adhesive unit sticks onto the envelope or box and allows you to insert the pre-paid packing slip. You can also use these to protect shipping addresses on handwritten paper.


No, shipping popcorn is not the kind you eat – but it is the kind you use to protect merchandise. This filler is extremely lightweight and can come in regular or anti-static types for sending electronics. This can save you from damaged packages through transport improving how the customer looks at your eCommerce business for future purchases.

Selling goods through eCommerce sites is more than just posting goods and accepting the cash. Being able to address this aspect of the business can keep money in your bank accounts for other purposes. Never assume that your plans for getting products to customers is perfectly optimized. As technology advances, so could your methods for shipping.