Can you guess the number of active members participating in Facebook everyday? It is around 955 million users as recorded in June 2012. Don’t you think it’s a huge population? Following this renowned social networking site is Twitter which records 500 million active users who access their web pages everyday. To add to the list is Google+ whose active members are recorded to be 150 million in the month of June.

Why are all these statistics been presented to you? These show how popular the social media has become in the present world. More and more people are interacting through this media either for social purposes or for business. When you tend to use these social networking channels for marketing, you would be delighted to know that around 70% small enterprises make use of Facebook for the same.

Besides, Facebook has become a powerful source of driving website traffic. Blogging, in the recent times, has become a great mode of online promotion. Many businesses are already using blogging for earning money online while others regard them crucial for their business.

How to use social media for making money?

If you are thinking of how to obtain sufficient income through joining of forums, blogging and networking together with other social activities, have a look at these simple ideas. They might be helpful for you.

Inform and Educate

Don’t go for loud advertisements because it does not impress your customers, even if you have an appealing website. You cannot expect to have high sales from an outright selling advertisement. What should then be the correct approach? You must provide them with useful insights like answers to the queries or solution to some problems. This is the way of proving to your customers that you are trying to assist them and not selling any product.

Offering Valuable Information

Apart from helping and educating the customers, you should also provide them great service. The most important step in this regard is to dedicate time in building up a good relation and rapport with your prospective customers. Do you know this is an effective way of earning loyalty and trust of the customers? Remember, if you can gain online credibility, money will start rolling in.

Stay Up-to-date

Can you be a “go-to” source of information, if you yourself are not updated with the current happenings around the world? Hence, you have to read and learn the exiting trend and the issues prevailing in the industry. In this way you can offer the online audience interesting and valuable insights.

Make Your Social Network Enticing

You always prefer to get something in return for what you do. Don’t you? You should use this idea and encourage your potential customers for choosing your business. This doesn’t mean that you have to give them freebies and discounts; you can text the individuals who liked your page a message about giving them some promotional offer. This can be really encouraging. Just try it.

These are certain basic ideas of using social media networking for generating money.