Apart from Android phones being relatively cheaper to iPhones, they are also easier to spy on. For those who want to monitor cell phone activity of their kids, employees or even a spouse, getting an Android phone for your targetperson would be a great service to yourself. Come on Android fanboys, It’s your day today!

But what are the benefits of spying on an Android device? Read on people, read on to know!

 Spying on an Android phone is easy, is it really.png

Spying on an Android phone is easy, is it really.png

Easy download and installation

I will take a lot of your time on this part of the read, because Android phones are so much better when it comes to app downloading and installation. Unlike iOS, you aren’t only restricted to downloading an app from the App Store only. Instead, you can search over the internet, find an APK version of any app, and download it directly on to your phone.


Compare this with iOS. Let’s say you want to download an app that isn’t on the App Store. You can’t simply google an app and download it (most people may already know this, but we are just comparing). That’s not all. Even when you have downloaded the app onto your computer, you can’t transfer it to your iPhone or iPad, unless you have done a jailbreak on the target device.

Jailbreaking isn’t a joke. It has many downsides (and a lot of benefits for someone who want to customise his iPhone). So if you want to take the responsibility of jailbreaking, know that it’s going to void your warranty. Oh, wait! It can also brick your expensive smartphone for life. Lastly, if you don’t know how to jailbreak, you might need some professional help.

But why are we discussing all this?

To spy on a phone, you have to download and install a spy onto it. This is why, spying on an Android phone is easy. But wait, there is more than meets the eye.

Wait, there is catch!

Spying on an iOS device doesn’t necessarily need a jailbreak. There are a few apps that you can use for spying that only require iCloud credentials. So Jailbreak isn’t a necessary prerequisite. Also, to use an Android spying app, you may also require to root your Android device. Wait, but… What? No… I understand that, but it’s true.

Many of the premium features will require you to jailbreak/root the target devices. The only difference: Android phones allow third-party apps without rooting, while Apple doesn’t. So you can install a spy app on Android but could only access complete features after rooting. For iOS, you would need a jailbreak right away.

We think that spying on an Android device is easy, what do you say? Let us know in the comments.