The SEO field changes constantly, new trends and tools being kept under permanent focus every day, while research is focused on the ever upgrading of the existent tools or on the development of new ones. SEO experts, such as, are always offering the new information available on the subject and that information may be updated daily. So it is not an understatement that to be in the game, you have to follow the game and adjust to its regular rules modifications.

So What’s With The New Era?
Google Page Rank was and still is one of SEO’s main instruments and tools to determine a website’s authority and value, a link’s worth from a site and to suggest updates necessary to be implemented in order to match or run ahead of the competitors. But what’s in a number, other experts wondered. Two PR 10 pages mean they both have undisputable authority. How can a business take the best advantages to develop its own web site based on knowing a competitor has a similar PR number as it has?
Enter Trust and Citation flows
In 2012, MajeticSEO released a new metrics tool that uses two paradigms, based on something every SEO expert knows: an authority site grows and gains more authority depending on the number and the quality of the sites linking to it. From this perspective, this tool follows two interlinked parameters:
Citation flow: it measures the number of sites linking to a given page for every indexed link to that page
Trust flow: measures the overall values of the sites linking in to the given page
While not new terms and measurement parameters, these two have been thoroughly incorporated in the MajesticSEO tool, which reviewers consider to be the Holy Grail of the new SEO.
Why are they so important?
Using these two flows, a business owner for instance, or his SEO expert, can make an assessment of the site’s links profile, being able to build realistic predictions about its future development, compare the site with the competition’s site, predict a page rank growth (as it correlated positively with the trust flow) and build a business plan according to site keyword rank growth. This is when the same PR value needs to be further analyzed, as the ones who tested this tool found out that there are direct connections between a site’s high ranked keyword and its link profile.
Why is this important for business?
Because if your link profile contains poor links, coming from obscure dark corners of the web and your competitor’s link profile contains strong links coming from authority sites, then it’s time you should do something about it, no matter if you both own a PR 10 website. Authority sites have the tendency of linking to other authority sites. You owning one, means traffic, conversion and revenue. The tool’s developers started from the assumption of having not a PR replacement, but a different tool that can tell a webmaster where in the great pyramid of low – to- high authority sites, that particular page is settled and how can it be developed in order to survive competition in the same niche.
How is MajesticSEO Tool going to change everything?
In SEO, change is everyday and sometimes, barely noticeable, as it is a constant process. Some people consider the Page Rank as an absolute measurement tool as being obsolete, while others focus their attention on growing the PR by several methods, some already in use and some new and exciting. Google Page Rank will still be the authority when it comes to measuring a website’s value, but other tools, not new but improving, are being tested daily, not as competitors but building bricks to a business success. Having a deeper insight on your website’s performance and potential, being able to track down competition, being able to gain authority, translated into conversion and eventually customers, these should be a business owner’s main focus.