Faida.com is set to bring back the old culture of barter system in the most cool and exciting way with the help of internetGet ready to be a part of the new Online trend - Faida.comMumbai, 27th April 2015: Faida.com, the latest entrant in the online community is all set to change the dimensions of online community experience. It was launched on 15th of March, 2015 in Jaipur city, and has already garnered more than 1 Lakh views on the website. The site promises a unique experience with its exchange on trade in principle function being the USP for the brand. True to its tagline, “ Bina Cash Karo Aish”, Faida promises all the fun in exchanging your unwanted products without any cash involved. Backed up by a smart team of enthusiastic entrepreneurs, Faida is based on the concept of cashless transactions. The consumers are not required to actually pay for the products but barter them for goods they wish to put on sale in exchange of the desired product. Faida.com is founded by Mr. Gaurav Jain and Mr. Vipul Paliwal with a vision to offer a win-win shopping experience to its consumers/users.

 “The idea behind bringing up the ancient model of barter systems was to give our audience a chance to exchange goods for goods, without worrying about arranging money to get the desired products. Today’s generation gets bored of things easily and likes to try newer things everyday, here at Faida we are trying to make it affordable by offering them this one of its kind exchange website to suffice all their shopping fantasies” remarked the Founder, Faida.com, Mr. Gaurav Jain.

Some of the interesting features to look out for at Faida  is their  recommendations engine that matches the rough estimate of a product that can be exchanged with the one that a particular user wishes to give away. Other features include points system and well defined categories for listing the product. For example, one can list their guitar and could expect a bicycle in Exchange.  Unlike other sites where people know what they can expect in return of their goods/money, Faida plays on the curiosity factor and spoils it’s users with choices of products that are available for exchange for free. The website is designed in a manner that it will help users navigate easily on the site and guide them to a wholesome browsing experience. The future plans of the website include introduction of the mobile app version shortly,that will add to the user friendly feature of this set-up.

“We wanted to really catch up with the rapid changing tastes and preferences of the youth today. They look for affordability at the same time look out for various brands to match up with their peer-groups ‘in’ list of things to own. Faida.com is just the right platform for them to not compromise on their preferences as well as save up their pocket money! We are very excited about the response by our consumers on our concept of smart shopping,” says a delighted Mr. Vipul Paliwal, Co-Founder and Spokesperson on his new venture.


Founder, Faida.com, Mr. Vipul Paliwal.

Founder, Faida.com, Mr. Vipul Paliwal.


Here is hoping for yet another game changer in the startup market that will take online-trading to a new exciting phase of experiential marketing. The site already boasts of being enlisted as “The most promising Startups” in some National and International portals. The site is now all up and active on www.faida.com

About Faida.com:

Faida.com is a Jaipur based startup that provides an online shopping experience on the unique concept of exchanging one good for another facilitating cashless transactions. The founders of the company, Mr. Gaurav Jain and Mr. Vipul Paliwal are today’s entrepreneurs who wish to give their consumers a quality experience on the time they spend on their website. Faida.com was founded in the year 2015 with the vision to expand its horizon by launching their mobile app version as well in the coming times.

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