If you’re an Internet user or a Television viewer, you would definitely have heard about OLX.in. OLX.in is a Web based platform for selling and buying any kind of used products using a completely FREE account. We know there are a lot of websites which offer buying of products but OLX is really different in the case of service as well as their interesting advertisement campaigns. You may have seen some funny ads of OLX which compare the benefits of OLX.in rather than approaching a broker or something like that for buying a used product. And as a report says, products bought from OLX.in are less cost than that from a broker or another store.

old bannerFrom these findings it’s sure that OLX.in provides a lot of benefits for you, users in many cases. So, let’s have a look on those superb benefits of the famous Web Platform.


It’s the most attractive word in the world of Web as far as I know. And the attraction to OLX.in is also due to the FREE behavior of the mentioned service. OLX.in offers its services completely out of fee. You have to just register for the service using either your email id or your Facebook account. And you will be getting an opportunity to publish FREE Advertisement about your product available for sale just through some clicks.

Simple Advertisement Publishing

Publishing a FREE advertisement in OLX.in is very much simple as ABC. There are a lot of categories in OLX.in to choose from which ranges from Mobile phones to different kinds of jobs.And the list is quite interesting as you will wonder seeing such a huge list which includes your everyday stuff such as clothing, Music & Video CD’s etc. After selecting a particular category, you’ll see a simple but effective window where you can add essential details about your desired product. And then, there’s just a need of clicking Post for publishing the post. If there’s a OLX.in user interested in your product, you will get a notification and hence you can sell your product easily and quickly.


OLX.in has published Android, iOS Applications as well as their website. Which means you can always be updated about your product offered for sale even if you can’t access your PC. And through these apps, you can get real time updates and queries from buyers as well. By the way, you have to provide your original details on OLX and you have to be always ready to answer queries from buyers.

Good Reach & Multi-Language Support

Advertisements in OLX.in have a very good reach in search engine results when compared to other ad publishing services. Which means if one person is searching for [product name] for sale in [city] your ad in OLX.in will be in the Google search results which will help you in getting buyers quickly.

OLX TV comercial:

OLX is a service available in a large number of languages which means that even people who don’t know English can also access OLX.in which in turn offers you more reach on products for sale.

These Benefits seems very fit for such an OLX.in and these are the same reasons why OLX.in is becoming a good choice among web users when thinking about publishing a Web based ad.