iPhone Spy software is fully compatible with all version of iPhones. iPhone spy have lots of extra feature which is really awesome and its installation or working process is also very easy. Everyone can install and use this software who have a basic knowledge of computer. To start spy on any iPhone you just need to install iPhone Spy app in the cell phone which you want to target. You can also take help about installation procedure or working process of this software from our website i.e. spymasterpro.com. It will take few minutes to complete its installation successfully. After that you will be fully able to use all the feature of this software. To see all the tracking information you have to log in through your unique id and password which is given to you at the time of installation.


We can use this software for our family protection as well as organization safety. For example if you think your kids are involve in some bad habits or if your spouse is cheating on you than this software is very helpful for you to clear all your doubts. iPhone spy app is really beneficial for organization also. If you are the owner of a company and felling afraid that you employees are not honest and they are leaking company private information to you competitor. Then you can find the honestest employees and kick them out of you company.

Feature of iPhone spy software:-

• SMS Tracking:- Its allow you to spy all the sent as well as revived messages of targeted cell phone. Even you can also see those messages which are deleted.
• GPS Tracking:- This feature allow you to track the exact location with Google map.
• Visited URL :- Through this you can see all the browsing history.
• Call Logs:- you can see all the incoming as well as outgoing call with time and duration.
• Phone Book Access:- Through this feature you can see all the saved contact number of you targeted iPhone.
• Images and videos Sharing:- Through this feature you can see all the images and videos shared by targeted cell phone.

Extra Two More Features in Pro Version .

• Call Listening :- Its an amazing feature of iPhone spy software because through this you can hear and record the live conversation of targeted person with other.
• Environment Listing :- It will help you to listen the surrounding voices comes from targeted cell phone place.