Disk cloning is part of system recovery where you copy the contents that are there in the hard drive of your computer. The contents are being saved in the form of disk image and then it gets transferred to another storage medium that could be anything starting from USB drive to a different computer hard drive. Disk cloning can also be done before provisioning the new computers for sale or if you are using the public computer then also it can be done as reboot and then refresh option.

Disk cloning is also a great help when you are looking forward to configure your system on the brand new computer that you have purchased. Disk cloning is a great help in so many ways and if you can do it well, then it will serve you great purpose. It is also known as ghost imaging and in order to complete the process of disk cloning successfully, you can take the help of EaseUS Copy. It will help you in clone a hard drive with élan.

It is a reliable partition / disk clone software for business users as well as home purpose. The software ensures that you get completely identical copy as that of the original by the method of section by section copy. In the free version of the software you will also get cloning at sector level which is somewhat slow in speed, but is effective one. It is considered to be one of the best disk clone software available for the users.

EaseUS Disk clone and hard drive data recovery software

Hard drive repair solution

In most cases we have seen that the data lost from hard drive is quite complex and they are hard to recover. General users also have the notion that if the data is lost from hard drive then it is completely irrevocable, but that is not the case always. There are times when with the help of software you can retrieve lost data easily if the reason behind the data loss is formatting, accidental deletion or partition. But, when it comes to hard drive data loss, then the users are in a fix because they do not know how to repair hard disk.

The data recovery software can be put to use in order to retrieve the data, but if the drive is overwritten or physically damaged or gets corrupted, then it becomes almost impossible to recover the deleted files or the lost files. Therefore, whenever any such accidents happen, you must stop using the computer and bring out the data recovery software promptly. In this way the chances of retrieving the lost data increases. The data recovery software from EaseUS is one of the best and helps in repairing all kinds of data loss situations, even if the data loss is due to software crash or damage of hard disk drive or formatting. Moreover, you will be able to make use of the original file name as well as the storage path after recovery.