WordPress was introduced to world as blogging platform or content management system (CMS), by the December, 2012 nearly 22 % of the internet is riding on WordPress. staring at benefits of the WordPress from high notch business sites to tyro adopting WordPress culture. WordPress is listed collectively of the biggest CMS within the world.

Statistics says over 46 millions downloads crossed on WordPress ( Actual users are much more then this) in the last year. WordPress community is flooding and WordPress hosting is about up as new web development business. expertise developers are taking advantage of WordPress development to market their service.
Simply plug and use purposeful plugins offers power to use pre-made codes rather than writing new codes whenever. In January 2012, 19,000+ plugins were listed with wordpress.org. In January 2013 it crossed to 23,137+ with 398,158,784 downloads and still rising.

By the top of previous few years WordPress was primarily called blogging platform and it had been king of CMS. By the end of 2013 this content management suite (battery-powered) will lead us to totally different sorts of web sites which works on content posting.
Very much versatile codes, adoptable interface, additional normal options enhance web site practicality. WordPress could be an ASCII text file, its handiness is free. One will simply transfer it and use it on his own server. Value effective WordPress is being adopted by several user worldwide which provides active support by giant community of WordPress developers. WordPress updates often, with new functions and fixes, Most of updates are available regularly for trouble with Bug fixing and security fixing.

Things which make WordPress as CMS king :

1. Cost effective : when such a lot success WordPress still remains freed from value altogether manners.
2. Nice Accessibility : One will handle his web site from any corner of the planet.
3. Programming: Add content and schedule those post to publish on your website by day and time of your alternative.
4. Additional social plugin : WordPress is being additional social friendly day by day.
5. SEO structure: WordPress updates itself with new trends in SEO.
6. Improved Security : Hardening method of WordPress installation is finished by hosting suppliers which provides hacker-proofing tradition.
7. Tantalizing : WordPress offers 2 ways in which communication support for visitors and writer.
8. Free entry to yahoo: after you submit your RSS feed manually to yahoo. you get free entry to yahoo value $299.
9. Multi user capacity: WordPress offers multi user capability for giant size companies.
10. Free upgrades: WordPress is free upgradable blog, not like ancient net development code like Dream viewer or flash.
11. Layout freedom: simply modification whole layout of your web site simply by swiping theme.
12. Mobile readiness: No have to be compelled to rewrite whole web site for mobile users, WordPress tack the content as per device.
Wordpress has flexibility at core, pretty impressive styles for visitant and adoptable interface for developer. All statistics and net development awareness goes to steer WordPress to king of CMS by 2013.


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