When we talk about Whatsapp versus Telegram we are actually talking about two widely used messaging apps that have become quite popular in the last few years. As more and more people are upgrading themselves to smart phones the popularity of such messaging apps is also increasing by leaps and bounds. This is the reason such messaging app companies are under the active radar of many tech. and software companies for a takeover or acquisition. The recent acquisition of Whatsapp by Facebook is seen as another trend of acquiring these messaging app companies.

Recently few days back Whatsapp was acquired by Facebook for a whopping $19 billion and this deal has certainly raised the eyebrows of many other tech. companies and they also want to grab their share of this growing pie.

Recent News About Telegram

  • Though Whatsapp has been into existence for last 5 years and has very rarely faced any outage, but recently after its acquisition by Facebook it went dead for approximately 3 hours leading to rumors that Facebook has acquired Whatsapp so that it can remove this app and promote its Facebook chat service. But who would go for a $19 billion shopping and later not use that material.
  • But when we leave this news aside, there was this another interesting development that happened and it was about Telegram, which is another growing and popular messaging app. This company got 5 million customers in a single day when Whatsapp went down for about 3 hours. Now this is a huge number and having 5 million customers in a single day is a mammoth task. On 23rd February Telegram was the number one most downloaded app in 48 different countries.
  • This news of having 5 million customers in a single day was revealed by the Telegram through its official Twitter account. But Telegram also faced some technical glitch as it didn’t expect this much rush of people in one single day and due to this huge and all of a sudden surge in the customers the Europe cluster of the Telegram witnessed an outage of 2 hours. Later the company also tweeted that they are adding more servers so that they can easily cater to this sudden rush of people.

History Behind Telegram

  • The telegram messaging app was launched for iPhone in August 2013 and it was made available for Android users in the October month in the same year. A team in Berlin is responsible behind Telegram and the financial backing is provided by a Russian entrepreneur Pavel Durov. He is the same person who founded the famous Russian social networking site called as vKontakte. Later, he started working with his brother Nikolai on Telegram.
  • Later, after launching Telegram they also shared their long term vision about the messaging app on their website and said that they are making Telegram to earn revenue and this is the reason there are no ads or outside investment into this app. They have also said that they are not going to sell this app.
  • Pavel Durov also said that they are not into building a huge user base and instead they are concentrating on building a unique and easy messenger for the people. Currently Telegram has got enough money to run their operations and if they required more money in the future, then they will invite some donations from their customers.

Technology Behind Telegram

  • The telegram is based on an open API and other developers can also build their own apps based on Telegram’s technology.
  • Developers are free to develop their own app based on this technology for any other operating system such as Mac, Windows, Linux or Window based smart phones.

All these news have also lead to a surge in the user base for some other messaging app companies such as Swiss startup Threema which has doubled its user base in last 24 hours and they have got 200,000 new users who had paid around € 1.79 each for Threema.

With so much exciting things happening in the messaging app world, it seems that there is going to be lots of action in this field. With Mobile World Congress happening and other major technological events it seems that race for the top is heating up.

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