As we all know, with the development of technology and economy, communications become more and more important and frequent between sale staff and customers, relatives, friends, classmates and so on and so forth. The developments of technology provide the masses with possibility to use mobile phone. And the developments of economy ensure that people could afford to buy mobile phone. So text messages gradually come into our daily life and play an important role.

From the perspective of working, short messages probably include some quiet important information about the customer. Are you sure that they are safe enough when you just store them in you Android Phone? Everyone knows that was not a wise action. Therefore, we strongly suggest you to transfer them to you computer by using our product named MobiKin Assistant for Android. It is the right product to help you and to support you by helping you go far away from any menace from the rear. From the perspective of relationship of human beings, text messages make communication more convenient. You express best wishes and hopes to others, and they also show their emotion to you which sometimes moved you a lot. Driven by the instinct, you strongly want to store these text messages in order to remember that kind of affection.


How to Transfer Massages from Android Phone to Computer

1) Backup Android messages to PC completely with one click.
2) Add fun stuff anytime; enjoy beautiful music, vivid audio anywhere.
3) Download, install, uninstall and look through apps convenient.
4) Transfer contacts from/to Outlook and send/reply SMS indistinguishably from your PC. Transfer contacts between Outlook and your Android, send and reply SMS directly from your PC.


What will you do if you have so many messages to store? Of course, it is impossible for anyone to persuade you give these messages away. Therefore, our product, MobiKin Assistant for Android, is your right choice. All you text messages can be backed up as .xlm or .txt file to PC and export to Android as well. Android Manager allows you to send & reply texts directly on your PC. When calls in, you can choose to directly hang it off, or hang it off and reply with a SMS instead on your computer. For backing up contacts, you can easily transfer contacts from android to computer with easy.

Send Messages from PC to Phone
MobiKin Assistant for Android program allows user to group message from PC to someone else’s pone. After you finish typing the messages, you can click the “Send” button to send the message to the target phone.

With its characters, such as convenience, utility and big stored space, MobiKin Assistant for Android had won great popular among the Android Phone users. If you have a lot of important working messages to transfer, please try our product, MobiKin Assistant for Android. If you have so many moving messages to transfer, please try our product, MobiKin Assistant for Android Assistant. In a word, if you want to transfer any messages, contacts, photos, videos and other files, please try MobiKin Assistant for Android.