A decade ago, the medical spa had explosively grown and was dominating the industry when it comes to luxurious facilities that cater to most cosmetic treatments to enhance both physical appearance and well-being. 

More patients are trusting nonsurgical procedures from a physician-owned med spa than traditional plastic surgeons, according to a recent survey done by IAPAM (International Association of Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine). 

What do I Need to Open a Medical Spa?


With the growth of demand, more and more entrepreneurs invest in this opportunity to build business stability. The current and in-demand trend that will boost in the coming years means secured investment and guaranteed ROI. 

Before pouring all your resources in, it’s essential to overview what a medical spa needs to succeed. Doing intensive research and possible inspiration for your business can help you set your expectations and goals, and we really like Back to 30, a privately owned medical spa in Greenville, SC, as they provide excellent services with positive feedback from current patients. They are great inspiration if you are planning to establish your med spa in the future. 

Can Anyone Open A Medical Spa?

Under the legal doctrine (Corporate Practice in Medicine), only a licensed physician or facility owned by a registered physician can hold medical facilities such as medical spas. Only healthcare provider-owned corporations or doctors can collect payments from patients concerning medical services performed on their end. 

Since med spas are a huge business nowadays, more non-physician and entrepreneurs are eyeing to be part of the company. If you happen to be residing in rare states in the US with fewer law restrictions governing med spa, you can operate outside law confinements. 

Furthermore, when you can operate outside the extremities of the law, whether unaware or unwillingly obeying rules and regulations, you’re at risk for huge fines or worse, imprisonment.

What You’ll Need Before Opening A Med Spa?

Most physicians are teaming up with other spa professionals to build their medical spa. If you want to venture into this in-demand and profitable business, you need to know the following:

Set Goals With Your Med Spa

Before venturing into this business, it’s vital to make plans and visualize your med spa goals and what you want to accomplish. That way, you’ll quickly determine what services you should offer to your potential customers. 

With this, you can easily set your facilities, expectations, staff, and design layout to match your target clients. 

Partner With Medical Professionals

If you are not a physician and still want to build your med spa, you can partner with a reputable and well-experienced physician and get to know the profession and practices that they offer. Future services that you offer vary from aesthetics, acupuncture, dermatology, nutrition, massage therapy, and more.

Obtain Licensing Before Operating A Med Spa

For your medical spa to operate, you have to register and acquire a license to run it. Every state has its requirements, rules, and regulations. Some prohibit med spa operations, while others allow it. Do your research about the license requirements and the likes.

Check The Best Location

The location of your med spa varies with the service that you offer. Aside from that, you have to consider the exact place of your spa, and it’s accessibility to your potential clients or the community.

Purchase Equipment

Once you have determined the type of service you wanted to offer, you can quickly identify the equipment needed at your medspa. Machines like treatment tables, laser machines, sterilizers, facial steamers, pedicure stations, digital skincare scanners, and more are some of the equipment you may need.

Hire Staff and Train Them

Hiring the best staff is not just an investment but securing the future of your medspa. Ensure that every staff member understands the vision of your medspa. Spa professionals, attendants, and front desks are among the staff you’ll need to recruit.

Plan Your Treatment Menu

Provide the treatment menu services in your med spa and the benefits that your potential clients will enjoy. Describe each service based on the spa professionals’ experience to attend to every client’s demand and the services you offer.

Promote Your Spa To The Community

Consider a grand opening for your med spa so the community can easily recognize its services. With effective marketing strategies, you can efficiently market your services with potential clients regardless of whether you are new to the industry.


It’s vital to understand how the med spa industry works so you can quickly adapt to it. With this guide on what you need before opening a med spa, you can conveniently determine the essential factors required to effectively be part of this growing and profitable industry that provides treatments to enhance physical appearance and promote well-being.