In a majority of households, approximately 20% of total energy cost is devoted towards lighting. A major reason for such a high share held by lighting is because people use incandescent bulbs which are highly inefficient when it comes to energy preservation. This is one of reasons why there has been rise in the number of people using LED lamps which help in saving lots of energy. It is a well-known fact that LED lamps generate far lesser heat when compared to conventional bulbs.

1)Eco Friendly: LED lights are eco-friendly and energy efficient, as they there is no use toxic materials such as lead and mercury for manufacturing them. Fluorescent lamps have mercury and once they are thrown after usage, then mercury gets mixed with water and air which adds to the gradual pollution of environment.
Presence of higher levels of mercury in the human blood leads to intensive chest pains and coughing. In extreme cases, it leads to birth of deformed or retarded children. Apart from this LED lamps don’t emit ultra-violet light, so when using them in outdoors, you won’t find bugs attracted towards them, which is in complete contrast to conventional lighting.

2)Durable: The best part of these lamps is that they are durable in nature and at the same time energy-saving too. It’s said that LED lamps save up to 40 to 70% of the electricity. This is one of the reasons why we find their applications at various places such as sports facilities, apartments and parking lots.
Moreover, you can use them for household illumination and cut your costs to a great extent. LED lamps can easily replace the outdated incandescent bulbs. You can use these lamps at various places such as outdoor locations and office in order to cut down the overhead expenses. Since LED lamps don’t emit heat, so you don’t have to use air conditioners, which would again bring down your electricity bills.

3)Long Life: An average LED light’s lifespan is approximately 17 years, assuming that you will be using it for around 8 hrs daily. It’s interesting to note that the lifespan of home LED lamps is many times more than the conventional incandescent bulb. One LED light is worth 25 traditional bulbs, so you have got a choice to make between both of them.

4)Less heat: Since LED lamps require a majority of their energy for producing light (as compared to lots of heat generated by other sources of lighting), so we may find that both home and commercial LED lamps are relative cooler. Solid state components have been used for manufacturing of these lamps (as opposed to the use of filaments and fragile glass for other sources of lighting), so you may always find them to be safe and durable.

5)Brightness: Apart from this, you may have noticed that LED lights reach to the maximum brightness within seconds you switch them on, which is not the case with conventional bulbs. It has been LED lamps have rare problems and people say that either these lamps are working smoothly or not working at all. There’s never a middle way. You can save lots of electricity using these lamps for different purposes and occasions.